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page title icon Asus vs. HP: Which Brand Makes Better Laptops?

| Updated on April 14, 2022

Are you torn between Asus and HP laptops? Don’t worry! Read this article so you can find out what both of these excellent brands have to offer!

Searching for a modern laptop is kind of a crapshoot, right?

Don’t worry! You can still turn to ASUS and HP for a robust laptop, so long as you know what you need!

Both ASUS and HP make all kinds of laptops, so limiting yourself to these two brands WON”T starve you of choice!

Read on to learn more about some of the best laptops these brands can offer and which one is better!

HP, Asus…Why These Two?

Asus vs. HP: Which Brand Makes Better Laptops?
Image feature: HP; Asus

These two technological juggernauts stand on different sides of the world—HP in the USA, and Asus in Taiwan.

But they’re not alone in the laptop space, so why did I single them out?

It’s because they can be compared directly, head-to-head! It doesn’t matter which field you place them in; either company can provide a good laptop brand for your needs.

Now that you know this Asus vs. HP comparison is apples-to-apples let’s start with a brief overview of both brands, starting with ASUS!

Asus Laptops and Company Origins

In 1989, Taiwan was already a growing hotspot for technology back then, and a group of engineers was about to kick it up a notch.

Their first product was a motherboard for a desktop. They broke into the laptop niche less than a decade later, creating innovative laptops.

This Taiwanese company continues to push the limits of technology in all directions.

You can easily find a high-end gaming laptop armed with an NVidia GeForce RTX graphics card when it comes to gaming.

But if you’re looking for business laptops, the Asus Vivobook has you covered!

HP Laptops and Company Origins

If you were to compare Asus vs. HP based purely on age, HP would definitely win.

This Californian-based company is almost 100 years old as of this year, and they were one of the founding companies of Silicon Valley itself!

But the idea of HP laptops was still far away at this time.

They were a tech company, sure. But their first computer wouldn’t appear until 1966, and it was a very one-purpose device.

Luckily for us, HP has continued to move forward with shrinking their devices!

Now, let’s breakdown the different laptop features of these two giants!

Asus vs. HP: Features Breakdown

Here, I’ll look into the major factors you should be considering when looking for a new laptop!

Screen and Display Quality

There are exactly two things you’ll be looking at the most on a laptop: The screen and your keyboard. (Unless you have an external keyboard or you’ve learned to touch-type.)

So you’d better make sure that the laptop you pick up has an incredible screen! But how much can you actually enjoy?

You should leave laptops with thicker bezels to the early 2000s. You can’t fully enjoy a 17-inch screen if there are black bars covering all of its sides!

Fortunately, HP and Asus understand this issue very well, and they’ve been steadily shrinking the dreaded black bars year on year.

If you’re a content creator or a video editor, you’ll love the displays of both laptop brands!

But when it comes to high-resolution screens with accurate and sharp colors, Asus wins.

They also have HP laptops beat for refreshing rates, mainly because of their gaming laptops. Expect to see clearer colors and smaller bezels with Asus laptops!

An HD widescreen LED display is par for the course with these dynamic laptops, letting you enjoy more of your screen in even greater definition!

Winner: ASUS laptops! Because of their faster refresh rates and sharper colors, Asus takes the screen trophy from HP.

Battery Life

You won’t always be able to stay plugged into a socket. In cases like these, your laptop battery should be able to get you through the day!

HP’s laptop batteries win out over Asus because HP batteries tend to have a larger capacity.

And that’s not all; HP laptops often come with slightly slower Intel core chips. The benefit to these old chips is that they use less power, letting you enjoy being unplugged for longer!

A final, extra bonus with these batteries comes in the form of heat management.

Staying unplugged means your laptop is much less likely to heat up from long sessions of use, and even when it is plugged in, the parts won’t generate too much heat!

Winner: HP laptops! Leave your charger in your bag with HP laptops, and enjoy cooler devices simultaneously!

Build Quality

When comparing the build quality of Asus vs. HP laptops, Asus is the clear winner.

As if to drive this point home, the Asus TUF line is made up entirely of gaming laptops constructed to military standards, so they can perform at their best wherever you are!

Even outside the TUF line, Asus uses very rigid plastic for their rigs. You’ll find magnesium-aluminum alloy bodies on the Zephyrus line of laptops and other higher-end devices.

HP uses metal bodies only for their top-of-the-line Spectre business laptops. Everything else gets acceptable quality plastic chassis.

Winner: Asus laptops. If you’ve ever wondered if you could break your laptop (Please don’t test it!), try Asus devices on for size. Your hand is more likely to break before the laptop does!


Both Asus and HP use the same general parts here. Their laptops use either an Intel core or AMD Ryzen for the CPU and an NVidia GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon for the GPU.

Their budget laptops will often not have separate graphics cards, relying instead on Intel Ultra HD graphics.

Since you can find the latest, blazing-fast Intel core chips or the most humble laptop with ChromeOS from either brand, neither of them is a clear winner.

Winner: Draw! Both Asus and HP laptops can be found with very similar internals, so neither can be said to be better than the other.


I know talking about prices can be a downer, but you have to match your needs with what your pocket can handle, right?

For this part of the discussion, HP laptops win, no contest. Their price-to-performance ratio is just better at all levels when compared to Asus.

That doesn’t mean that Asus laptops are overpriced; their internals, like their Intel core chips, are well worth it!

  • It’s just that Asus doesn’t compromise on performance, so their laptops usually end up with the best of everything inside of them.
  • That “Everything” adds up quickly to make a very attractive (but very expensive) laptop!

On the other hand, HP Pavilion laptops will almost always be more budget-friendly than an Asus Zenbook.

Winner: The HP Laptop! HP laptops offer incredible performance compared to their cost, but don’t consider their devices cheap!

Design and Innovation

Asus ROG Laptops

The HP Pavilion is a laptop that’ll do what you need, no problem. But that being said, it’s not exactly one of the prettiest laptops around.

Now compare it to, say, the Asus Zenbook.

Both Asus and HP make designs for function, but Asus spends just a little more time on the form.

This can be seen clearly in devices like the Asus ROG series. These devices don’t just bring games to life with their NVidia Geforce RTX graphics cards; oh no!

They also pack an RGB backlit keyboard for extra customizing!

Another feather in Asus’ cap is the ROG Zephyrus series. This award-winning series of devices has cemented the Asus name as a company made of top-notch designers.

This monster packs two screens into a single device, but the second screen also opens up for increased cooling and ventilation!

It’s an award-winning device but very pricey.

Winner: Asus laptops! If you want a laptop that won’t just perform but also look good, then Asus is your best friend!

Warranty and After-Sales Support

I know the idea of a warranty isn’t exactly attractive.

But you never know what kind of issues might pop up with your new laptop! So it’s a good idea to look into warranties, just for peace of mind.

HP Warranty

I’ll start with the HP warranty, which offers a 3-year extended warranty plan.

It’s a bit of an addition to your laptop costs, but it should have you covered for basically any issue you might have with your HP laptop.

Just be warned, some users who’ve bought the warranty have reported communication issues with HP’s customer service.

However, that didn’t stop them from receiving their repaired laptops, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

HP’s warranty covers all your bases, including repairs, returns, and refunds. That being said, it’s unlikely that you’ll need it anyway!

Asus Warranty

If your Asus laptop experiences severe problems, you’re gonna have a bit of a difficult time.

Even though the build quality of Asus laptops is incredible, their after-sales customer service is decidedly…less so.

Unlike most laptop companies, Asus actually offers a longer warranty period than normal, which is 2 years WITHOUT any extra charge!

Sounds great, right?

However, keep an eye on your calendar. You see, Asus is extremely strict when it comes to their coverage.

  • If you’re even one day past the end of your warranty period, they will give you a slightly tougher time.

Luckily, the Asus website offers an extensive online guide for diagnosing and addressing any issues you might run into, from cleaning your fans to a spotty internet connection.

Winner: HP laptops! If you ever end up frying your new Omen gaming laptop, you should be able to get it repaired with very minimal extra cost to you and get it back faster!

What Are the Different Kinds of Laptops They Offer?

Laptops come in all sizes, depending on what you need them for. Read on for broad strokes about the many Asus vs. HP lines!

How Are Asus and HP Gaming Laptops?

Both Asus and HP have excellent gaming laptop lines. Asus has the ROG and TUF lines, while its competitor has the HP Omen and Victus lines.

Asus ROG Laptops

Asus ROG Laptops

Check Price on Amazon

Back in 2006, the top performers at Asus banded together like their founders with a single dream. This dream was to make the best laptop for gamers, no matter where they were.

This group of mavericks started with a desktop motherboard, but it wasn’t long before they moved into trying to keep their systems cooler.

After cooling came to power, the ROG team wanted to make an Asus laptop that could rival even full-sized desktops.

The NVidia GeForce technology allows Asus gaming laptops to marry the power of an Intel core chip with the graphical grunt of the latest NVidia graphics cards of today.

HP Gaming Laptops

HP Gaming Laptops

Check Price on Amazon

Unlike the Asus Republic of Gamers brand line, HP’s range of laptops didn’t include an in-house gaming laptop team. So where did they get the expertise to break into the gaming laptop niche?

They acquired a company called “VoodooPC.” This Canadian company used to make niche gaming rigs before HP picked them up.

After being bought out, they were immediately launched back into the laptop market.

Nowadays, VoodooPC serves as HP’s gaming division. They’re best known for making the HP Omen and Victus line of gaming laptops.

The name spells nothing but bad luck for anyone matched against you!

Asus vs. HP: Do They Offer Any Budget Laptops?

Yes they do! If you’re on a tighter budget, both brands have something to fit your needs.

Just a word of advice; Expect Intel UHD graphics with these units. You won’t be setting any world game records with these humble devices!

Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip

Check Price on Amazon

Asus doesn’t just focus on gaming laptops and business laptops; They also make affordable convertible laptops!

This daily driver comes equipped with an 11th gen Intel-core chip, and while it’s not the fastest around, its dual-core processor should be more than enough to get you through the day!


  • This little 2-in-1 packs Wi-fi 6 connections to keep you online no matter where you are!
  • Typing all day will be a breeze with this excellent keyboard!


  • Its small storage size doesn’t leave much room for your files
  • Some users report a lower than expected battery life

HP Envy Laptop

HP Envy Laptop

Check Price on Amazon

The name “Envy” actually refers to what you’ll be, when you walk in with this solid machine from HP!

With its ultra-thin bezels and very responsive touch-screen, the screen on this convertible laptop DEFINITELY has enough space for you to use to the fullest!

The Envy also comes with a secret weapon on its otherwise plain-looking deck. It’s packed with HP audio boost technology!

With this bonafide sound boosting tech, you can leave your speakers somewhere else!


  • A camera shutter helps you keep your privacy (or finish getting ready for video calls) with the press of a button.
  • Excellent build quality on most of the body (Minus the hinges) means you won’t have to worry about scrapes and dents!


  • Users report weaker hinges in their models. Treat your Envy with a lighter touch!

How Are Asus and HP Business Laptops?

if your schedule is jam-packed with meetings and reports, then you’ve come to the right place!

Asus Zenbook Flip 13

Asus Zenbook Flip 13

Check Price on Amazon

Think of this as the sleeker, stronger version of the Chromebook flip above. You’re sure to enjoy a long battery life with this Intel Evo Certified showstopper!

The Zenbook Flip’s got it all; It charges super-fast, it has ports all over for maximum connections, and it comes with 1TB of light-speed SSD storage!

Just be careful around its edges; This sharp device won’t be kind when you bump it with your wrists!


  • Both slim and lightweight, this convertible will make you the professionals other professionals DREAM of.
  • Comes with a stylus for easy note-taking and diagrams!


  • Lacks a fingerprint reader for full security
  • The outside can get quite hot after a while (Keep an electric fan on!)

Asus Vivobook 17

Asus Vivobook 17

Check Price on Amazon


Remember the story of Goldilocks? This last book model is kind of like Baby bear. It’s just right in every way…except one.

With a quad-core processor and Intel uhd graphics, the Vivobook is designed for a full day of light use, provided you can sit through the loading times.

Unfortunately, the storage in the Vivobook is slower than it should be, so be prepared to get an upgrade soon!


  • A 17-inch screen makes this an absolutely affordable desktop replacement
  • Has the space for several different kinds of SSD and HDD upgrades (I recommend putting an SSD inside!)


  • Users report very slow loading times because of the drive inside

HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360

Check Price on Amazon

Are you tired of your humdrum, ordinary business laptop? If you’re looking for a replacement, then look no further than the HP Spectre range of business laptops!

Among the Spectre range, the x360 leads the pack, for several reasons. Maybe it’s because of its sleek, metal design?

Or perhaps it’s the stylus pen that lets you fully appreciate its touchscreen?

Whatever it is, the Spectre x360 is the full package that’s sure to satisfy your business and browsing needs.


  • An incredible backlit AND ergonomic keyboard will keep you typing in absolute comfort!
  • Its 4K screen is complemented perfectly by the amazingly-fast memory!


  • The webcam is still poor-quality

HP Pavilion 15

HP Pavilion 15

Check Price on Amazon

Before HP came out with the Victus, the HP Pavilion was their offering of choice when it came to light gaming.

Now, the Pavilion is still one of the most dependable AND affordable laptops that you can find!

This device is just lightning in a bottle.

Even the humblest HP Pavilion laptop boasts a crystal clear HD IPS type display, and you can expect a long battery life of up to 8 hours with the Pavilion.


  • Log in without passwords with its Windows Hello-supported webcam!
  • An 11th-gen Intel core i7 processor will give everything you do a burst of speed!


  • Some users report faulty screens

Asus vs. HP Laptops… What’s the Big Difference?

The main difference between Asus and HP is their audience.

Both companies make some of the best laptops around, but Asus laptops are geared more towards creators and folks who need gaming laptops.

HP laptops are aimed at business-savvy professionals and those in need of a dependable daily driver machine.

So if you’re in the market for a gaming laptop, ASUS computers have your back! But if you’re looking for a more solid business laptop, go for an HP laptop instead!

Asus vs. HP Conclusion

Whatever your need is, both Asus and HP have the perfect laptop for you!

Both brands make incredibly solid laptops, but HP one-ups Asus with their extended warranty and more attractive prices.

Choose an Asus Laptop If:

  • You’re a content creator or gamer who needs a powerhouse
  • Laptop weight doesn’t matter to you
  • You refuse to compromise on specs, even at a hefty price

Choose an HP Laptop If:

  • You expect to be away from sockets for a long time
  • You need a sleek business laptop that can do it all
  • You’re on a tighter budget but still need a solid machine


Check here for answers to all your Asus vs HP questions!

Do I Need Hardware TPM Security?

TPM stands for “Trusted Platform Module,” and it’s a fancy name for security measures that Microsoft and Windows use for their devices.

For a while, TPM was an actual physical chip attached to your motherboard that needed to be able to communicate with the different parts of your device. So it also came with programs.

Nowadays, TPM is a little more complex. Since the programs it comes with can be affected by hackers looking to steal your data, the physical part of this security system remains.

Anyone trying to mess with your device will have a much tougher time!

This is also absolutely essential if you plan on upgrading to Windows 11!

Do These Brands Sell Other Items?

Yes, they do!

Apart from their HP laptops, Hewlett-Packard is most famous for its printers and computer monitors. Just don’t expect to build a full desktop computer out of HP parts!

On the other hand, Asus is basically all about computers.

If you don’t want a desktop replacement laptop, they pack everything you’ll need to build your own quality desktop from scratch, from motherboards to memory sticks.

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