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Founded in 2016, TechSectacle analyses the tech industry and gives our readers thorough, independent and unbiased guides and reviews.

High-quality content is our number one priority. Our team includes only the most experienced technology experts and copywriters. Our goal is to make your tech gear shopping fun and simple. Which is why we provide free advice, product reviews, buyer’s guides, top pics, and how-to’s.


Jeffrey J. Stevens

Jeffrey Stevens

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Jeffrey has been a tech-fanatic his entire life. Before iPhones came rolling into the scene, he was learning how to build his very own PC. Jeffrey found his passion early on and never gave it a second thought of diving into learning about technology in the world along with the trends.

When Jeffrey isn’t writing, you’ll find him sitting in a coffee shop doodling tech designs or even by his garage tinkering with a new PC setup. 

Chelsie Rubio

Chelsie Rubio

Managing Editor

Chelsie didn’t love technology until her teenage years when she first learned about the world of IT. Mostly, what captivated her was the act of building things. Ever since then, Chelsie has kept a strong sense of purpose towards how technology and information can bring about a better world. Her experience with anything with the word “tech” written on it lights her up like any festive holiday.

In Chelsie’s free time, she enjoys reading books and scrolling through Pinterest for any design inspo she can learn more about.

Marcus Burke

Marcus Burst


For five years, Marcus has been reviewing laptops, tablets, and other tech gear for He has a degree in Computer Science and worked for a few years as a technical consultant, testing software and providing technical solutions for various organizations.

Marcus is passionate about reading, playing video games, and just writing for fun.

Clayton Baker

WEB Developer

Clayton enjoys putting his love for IT and his past technology experience to good use. He is a person behind TechSpectacle web production and design. He’s responsible for all the visuals and graphics that you find on our website.

Clayton is the one to ask about currently trending video games and performance.

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