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page title icon What Laptops Are Not Made in China?

| Updated on May 12, 2022

Looking for laptops not made in China? Finding brands made outside of China doesn’t have to be hard. Read on to find the best laptops that aren’t made in China!

You’re a savvy professional on the go, so you need a laptop! But let’s say you’re also trying to cut down on laptop brands made in China.

The People’s Republic isn’t looking too hot right now. But where does that leave you?

I’ve got your back. Finding a non-Chinese laptop is pretty easy, plus you can find the most cutting-edge specs ALL over!

Read on to learn more about the BEST laptops not made in China!

The 8 Best Laptops Not Made in China

The 8 Best Laptops Not Made in China
Image feature: Samsung; Gigabyte

We’ve looked at all of these laptops for two good reasons!

First, these (precious few) brands don’t assemble their goods in China (mostly). Second, they all make a wide array of AMAZING laptops that will fit your needs!

1) Gigabyte AERO 17 (Best Laptop Overall)

Gigabyte AERO 17

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This monstrous machine is proudly made in Taiwan, NOT China.

Their resistance against moving production to their neighbor has borne fruit in the laptop market!

I put this right at the top because this beast can do it all…and then some!

With an 11th-gen Intel core i7 chip and an NVidia RTX 3070 inside, the Aero will be able to throw ANYTHING you can throw at it without a problem!

The backlit keyboard is another plus in its favor and lets you further customize the look of your war rig.

Just remember to turn it off before any important meetings.


  • Top-of-the-line internals will chew through any task you can imagine.
  • The 99-wH battery and Anti-Glare panel mean you can work WHEREVER you want!
  • 4K display ensures images are almost as crisp as real life


  • Very heavy, including the power brick (Such is the price of power!)
  • Terrible webcam placement (Remember to shave your nose hairs before meetings!)
  • Users report poor battery life despite its massive capacity

2) Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha (Best For Students)

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha

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Samsung doesn’t just make some of the best smartphones around; They also make INCREDIBLE 2-in-1 laptops!

Taking a page from their phone line, the familiarly-named Galaxy Book Flex2 is a fantastic convertible laptop that ISN’T made in China.

With an 11th-gen Intel core inside and 16GB of RAM, any schoolwork will wilt in the face of this heavy-duty productivity machine!

Samsung has halted production in the PRC, and has moved to India and Vietnam. So expect the 2) Galaxy Book Flex2 to be proudly NOT made in China!


  • Excellent backlit keyboard
  • Has a Micro SD Card slot for more flexible storage options


  • Does not come with a stylus

3) Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (Best For Professionals)

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

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This laptop has the smallest screen size on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s weak at all! In fact, this plain-looking exterior hides very ROBUST internals!

These mainstays have moved from making your laptop’s operating system to the laptops themselves!

Microsoft wasn’t content with making just any laptop; they made a tablet that could do it all!

Fortunately, this 10th-gen Intel core machine is no longer made in China! Microsoft recently moved the production of their Surface line to Vietnam!


  • Comes preloaded with Windows 10
  • Has 2 cameras for increased flexibility


  • The Keyboard and Stylus are sold separately (Prepare for extra expenses if you want the full package!)
  • Only comes with 256GB of storage. Consider getting an external drive to go with this!

4) HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360

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Even among HP laptops, the Spectre stands out from the pack. Its slim, svelte frame oozes CLASS, and the performance is DEFINITELY there!

Unlike the Surface Pro above, the Spectre comes with the full kit right out of the box.

The keyboard and stylus match the tablet’s overall design and combine to produce the full HP experience.

With 2TB of storage and 16GB of RAM within, this device is a daily driver with the space to keep up with your hectic schedule.

HP laptops are made in factories found in Taiwan, Australia, and other countries. And (rarely) China, too.


  • Beautifully distinct, professional design (No loud backlit keyboards here!)
  • Incredible 4K screen quality means ALL the pixels you could ever want!


  • A little heavy for a tablet, but this IS a 2-in-1
  • The webcam quality isn’t great

5) Dell G15 5511

Dell G15 5511

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The G series are middle-ground Dell laptops.

Not quite as gamer-centric as Alienware, but not exactly as business-focused as Latitude. However, NOTHING is middling about this laptop!

A G15 is, simply put, a workhorse.

Its 11th-gen Intel core processors are suited for all tasks, and its GPU is ideal for light video-editing too!

The build quality of this device is also extremely solid. Don’t expect to see any unpleasant flexing in the keyboard deck or screen!

Dell keeps their production in Ireland, Malaysia, and Texas.


  • Covered in ports all over for MAXIMUM connection options
  • Features 4 vents for the coolest gaming (or work!) experience


  • Storage might not be enough for your needs
  • Some customers report overheating issues

6) Panasonic Toughbook FZ-55

Panasonic Toughbook FZ-55

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What’s tougher than tough? This tanky-looking machine, of course!

If you’re a professional working in more hazardous lines of work, or someone who expects to be out in the field far away from sockets, then the Toughbook is your new BEST friend!

This unique, boxy fellow is made entirely in Kobe, Japan.

The Toughbook also features a handle built into the design, so you can simply fold this up and get going.


  • Battery life that can actually last you a whole day!
  • Can pick up extremely fast wi-fi speeds no matter where you are!


  • Definitely pricey (It’s the most expensive laptop on this list!)
  • Purely a work laptop. No leisure here!

7) Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro

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The MacBook continues to be refreshed for another stunning iteration!

Despite this model being the “lower-end” configuration for a Macbook Pro, it’ll chew through anything you use it for.

Image quality WON’T be a concern anymore with this liquid retina screen!

Your eyes will question themselves after turning away from this screen because its screen is just so SHARP!

The Pro line of Macbooks is made in Texas, too! So that means less products from China!


  • Pure SSD storage means you WON’T have to wait for files to load!
  • The MagSafe 3 magnetic charging port removes the hassle of plugging your device in!


  • RAM is not upgradable
  • Some users report eye strain after long sessions of use

8) LG Gram 14Z90P

LG Gram 14Z90P

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Representing South Korea in this list is the LG Gram 14. This lightweight laptop lives up to its name, with a weight just shy of a kilogram!

Now, don’t let its weight fool you.

The Gram 14 has a LOT going on underneath its chassis. Since it’s covered in ports all over, you’ll have no problem staying connected!

Designers and content creators will also appreciate the Gram 14’s blazing-fast RAM, letting them multitask and swap tabs seamlessly!

And of course, ANYONE can appreciate LG keeping their laptop production inside South Korea!


  • 16:10 Aspect Ratio means MORE screen to enjoy!
  • Incredible battery life
  • Lightweight but powerful!


  • The case attracts grease and fingerprint marks (A little harder to keep clean!)
  • Speakers might be a little weak

Escaping the Made-In-China Trap

It would be completely reasonable to say that a huge part of the laptop supply chain is almost completely tied up in China.

There are more Chinese products out there than you can shake a stick at, plus even supposedly “non-Chinese laptop companies” often have manufacturing plants in China.

Unfortunately, all laptop brands will have at least ONE part under the hood that’s China-made.

I have to mention that now since your chances of picking up a laptop that’s completely non-Chinese are very slim.

But DON’T count out other countries!

Non-Chinese laptop brands still rank among the best of the best, and great performance isn’t limited to a single area!

  • Even if you go for a brand with China-made parts inside, the laptop is likely to be assembled in other countries.
  • Plus, companies like HP and Panasonic do their best to make sure they keep all of their laptop manufacturing outside of China.


Got any more burning questions on how to buy non-Chinese?

What Specs Do Laptops Not Made in China Offer?

It would help if you were looking for the same general specs in a laptop, regardless of whether you’re looking at a brand from Japan, the USA, or China.

These things don’t change from country to country.

So I will discuss the broad strokes of specs. Ignore the brand and note that these aren’t arranged in any particular order.

When avoiding China-made laptops, make sure to balance the specs they offer with your personal needs!

Battery Life

You can’t always be planted next to the wall; what if you need to move in case of an emergency?

You should ideally be able to work for a full day WITHOUT having to grab your charger.

Go for a laptop with a battery life of around 5-7 hours with regular usage. Just don’t expect a full-day gaming session away from a socket!

Screen Size

No matter the brand, a laptop has to be portable.

If you’re a student who’s constantly on the go, you DON’T want to lug around a giant machine all the time!

If you need to be mobile, go for laptops with smaller screens, like 11 or 12 inches.

However, if you need a desktop replacement but don’t quite have the space for a full setup, you’d benefit more from a 17-inch screen.


There are two parts to “Storage” here.

  1. The type of storage
  2. The actual capacity of your (not) made-in-China laptop.

SSD Storage (Or Solid State Drive) is the fastest you can get, plus it’s also quieter.

However, they’re also a little more expensive than hard disk drives, but that’s been changing recently!

HDDs are cheap and reliable, but their moving parts make them slower.

Most laptops that pack Hard Disks usually have 1TB worth of storage. That’s like one MILLION super HD photos!

I’d advise getting one with at least a 256GB SSD or a 512GB HDD when looking for laptop computers.


When it comes to the best laptops not made in China, the processor you’ll need will depend on what you need the laptop for.

  • If you have a few kids who need laptops just for online learning, you will be fine with an 8th-gen intel core i5 chip or even i3.
  • But for daily video editing and content creation, you should try looking for a laptop with a 9th-gen or even 12th-gen intel core i7 chip.

These higher-end chips are also higher quality, and they’ll use more energy to let you multitask more efficiently!


If your (hopefully intel core) CPU handles the basic tasks your laptop will need to work, your GPU is for the graphically heavier tasks.

Most laptops come with integrated graphics, which are perfectly suitable for lighter video or movie watching.

Anything more demanding will need a dedicated GPU, which is a part entirely separate from the processor.

The graphical bulk you need can be found in 16-series, 20-series, or even 30-series NVidia graphics cards.


Also known as RAM, these sticks in your laptop generally determine how fast it’ll be and how well it can handle the programs you’ll throw at it.

Your minimum RAM should run your operating system at LEAST as a baseline.

Take Windows 10, for example; without anything else open, your Windows 10 laptop could be using up to 4GB on its own!

A starting laptop meant purely for light work, and maybe video calls should be fine with 4GB of RAM, but more won’t hurt.

The minimum I would recommend is 8GB.

If you’re a hardcore gamer or a coding student in university, you can’t go wrong with 16GB (or more) of RAM.

Build Quality

Check your chassis!

You don’t want to pick up a laptop that might break if your table gets bumped.

Laptop durability doesn’t have a drop test as cellphones do, so there isn’t exactly a feature you can look for.

Just make sure your laptop has a body on the stiffer side so that it doesn’t flex while you’re typing on it.

No one wants a keyboard that sways while they’re using it!

Which Countries Produce Non-Chinese Laptops?

China may have loads of assembly plants, but other countries produce laptops too!

Here’s a list of countries and companies, plus laptops not made in China.


Companies from the USA have been working to bring their manufacturing back within their own borders.

Now, some parts inside your laptop have to be made in China. There’s no getting around that, but these companies are trying regardless.


This Texas-based heavyweight takes components from China and other countries, but they’re assembled in countries like India, Brazil, and Malaysia.

Whether it’s a Dell Vostro or an Alienware, this brand keeps its plants outside of China!


Once known as just HP, or Hewlett-Packard, this company was split into two in 2015. But the name hasn’t changed, and neither have their laptops!

The new “HP” brand has also started moving some of its production into India, which is good news for them and you!


If someone asked you for the most famous companies in the USA, Apple would definitely spring to mind first.

This California-based giant continues to rock the world with its iPhones and MacBooks, and their designs are all-American originals.


Technology is almost synonymous with Japan, so it’s not surprising that their runners in the laptop race are completely home-grown.


Panasonic has an entire plant in the city of Kobe whose only purpose is to construct their Toughbook laptop products.

That’s how serious they are about keeping their industries within Japan!

South Korea

This company in South Korea wasn’t content with its piece of the consumer electronics pie and offered laptops that could rival those made in China.


If you think about it, a laptop is basically a home appliance, right?

Whatever you think about that idea, LG makes dependable laptops that are extremely popular with South Korean students, and they’re fast to boot!


When it comes to the best laptops not made in China, this island nation provides tons of choices and has a quality reputation to match!


Unlike ASUS above, Gigabyte has always been strict about keeping its ENTIRE manufacturing process within Taiwan.

The quality of Gigabyte laptops is undeniable, and they split their products according to two lines: Creators and Gamers.

  • The Aero 17 above is meant for creators.
  • The Aorus line is custom-designed for the heaviest games around!

Hang On, Aren’t Most Laptops Made in China Anyway?

Well, yes.

China has the plants to make the parts and assemble lots of tech. But not everything inside your laptop is made in China!

To explain better, I have to discuss OEM and ODM. These two things are different, even if they often mean the same thing.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Whether made in China or not, these companies take their client’s designs and build machines to follow these specific designs.

Take a Chinese company like Foxconn, for example.

  • They’re partnered with Apple to take whatever Apple designs and build it to their (Apple’s) exact specifications.
  • However, all of the research and design work is done by Apple. Foxconn’s work in the process is limited to building.

Some of the confusion between these two terms is due to products like the Panasonic Toughbooks in Japan.

They’re both designed and manufactured in Japan, leading people to assume that OEM and ODM are the same.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

This is the other side, where the maker is also the designer.

From the previous example, it would be like if Foxconn designed BLANK Macbooks but didn’t call them that.

Foxconn would then give their “blank laptops” out to different companies like Apple or Microsoft, and those big customers could slap their logos on and sell them as their own!

With some tweaking and other personal touches, of course.

Wrapping Up

When picking the best laptop for you, make sure it has EVERYTHING you’ll need inside, for whatever you’ll use it for!

Just be sure to match your budget with your needs.

If you’ve got a pretty penny to spend and are extremely keen on avoiding laptops made in China, the Gigabyte AERO 17 is your best option!

The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is ideal if you’re on a tighter budget and don’t mind Chrome OS.

If you’re a professional with limited desk space, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a foldable game-changer! Just don’t forget to pick up the other accessories it comes with.