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page title icon Why Are MacBooks So Expensive?

| Updated on April 8, 2022

Are you looking to purchase a Macbook but is intimated by the price point? Read this article to know why Macs are so expensive.

I’m sure you have “coveted” a Macbook at least once.

It is a great device that’s packed with lots of user-friendly features.

The build is excellent, and it gives off a very premium feel. But, the PREMIUM FEEL COMES AT A PREMIUM PRICE.

The Apple Macbooks are VERY EXPENSIVE. But, why exactly?

Some would say that it’s the build quality.

For me, it’s the mac OS that gets Apple laptops to the high-end market. The longevity and user experience easily increase the cost.

Read more about the great features that make Macs very expensive.

Do Macbooks Have More Expensive Parts?

Why Are Macbooks So Expensive?
Image feature: Apple MacBook Pro

The answer is YES and NO.

No, because it’s definitely not only because of a few expensive parts. Not all the extra cost can be attributed to either the hardware or the software.

But YES, your Apple Macbooks have parts and features that clock in better specs and, therefore, higher prices.

Here are some parts that add up to making your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air one of the high-end products in the computer industry.

Trackpad and Keyboard

MacBook Keyboard

A lot of mac users love the Macbook for its iconic clean look.

Personally, though, I love the keyboard and trackpad the most.

The keyboard feels luxurious and velvety. I love how typing feels on the Mac. It’s SMOOTH, SOFT, and just A JOY to use even for long hours of work.

The trackpad, on the other hand, is just UNPARALLELED.

I’d go as far as to say that no other Windows machine can ever top the precision, smoothness, and sensitivity of Apple’s trackpad.

However, the high-performing trackpad DOES COST A LOT MORE money to produce.

Because it is pressure-sensitive, it can adapt to your laptop as you work. It’s a very impressive find on a lightweight laptop.

Apple really HAS THE EDGE on this aspect.

You’re unlikely to find the same features even on a pricier non-Apple laptop.


Older models of Macbooks have long sported non-removable batteries. This was before they existed on Windows laptops.

Non-removable batteries used to be a pain to replace, labor-wise and cost-wise.

But, consumers soon realized that the customized, built-to-fit Macbook batteries were as premium as they can get.

It lasts long, stays light, and remains powerful.


The battery life makes it WORTH IT, though. Long battery life gets you more use for your device.

It won’t deteriorate as fast either. By the time you have to replace it, you would have already made the most use of it.

Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other Windows laptops now opt for built-in batteries.

That’s how you know it’s worth paying extra for it.


MacBook Case

The beautiful and modern metallic finish makes every Apple laptop look more expensive than ever.

Some consumers even buy the Macbook for this sole reason.


The Apple laptop’s case is made of aluminum, and it is VERY EXPENSIVE. This is one of the bigger contributors to the higher cost.

Aluminum makes your laptop TOUGH AND DURABLE. You still shouldn’t drop your computer, but it’s not the scariest if it happens.

Aluminum also keeps your Macbook laptop LIGHT.

I REALLY hate carrying around heavy devices.

Macbook’s portability is all because of the raw material of its hardware. You’ll make the most use of your computer because you can carry it anywhere.

Hard Drive Space

Usually, what makes a Macbook expensive is the extra features. Honestly, I love them (except for the price tag)!

However, there is one aspect that I ABSOLUTELY hate about Apple products.

Getting a bigger hard drive space on your iPhones or Macs will get you very poor, very fast.

The price difference between a 128GB model and a 250GB model Macbook Pro is RIDICULOUS.

Most of the time, you’ll have to settle for less than you need.

Paying for quality makes sense, but why do I have to spend too much money for a bit more storage?

This doesn’t happen on Macbook alone. Purchasing an iPhone or an iPad with higher storage will give you A BIG HEADACHE and AN EMPTY POCKET.

With the same amount of money, you’ll be able to buy Windows machines at 1 TB storage. Thinking twice now?

Why Are Macbooks So Expensive?

MacBook Case

Again, it’s not all about expensive parts. If you’d ask most people, you’ll find that Macbook’s price comes from anything but the parts.

Some people think that Apple products are overpriced.

It’s a pretty popular sentiment. But, why?


What makes Apple stand out for long years is the UNIQUE NICHE it occupies in both the cellular phone and laptop market.

Apple products are known for luxury. Most of their products are in the premium market. What is the effect of this type of marketing?


It’s simple. High demand, high market price.

People’s natural instinct to be a part of the premium circle keeps the demand for every Apple product high.

This goes on and on, and eventually, it becomes a cycle.

Apple products are priced high, and people become intrigued and interested. Apple then continues to sell Macbooks at the price people are willing to pay for.

Popularity and Reputation

The popularity and reputation are a product of both demand and service.

The demand for a Macbook makes it very popular as personal use computers. The demand affects the popularity, and the popularity creates even more demand!

But, Apple is not all about world fame either.

Frankly, I buy Macbooks and other Apple products for the EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They promise excellent build quality and an excellent product.

In the times that it fails, Apple extends over and beyond to help you troubleshoot for your computers.

If you ask me, that’s the REAL TEST of a brand and its quality!

They will even send you a brand new* iPhone or laptop if yours is proven to be truly faulty.

*They usually send you a brand new one if your Apple product is still under warranty. You also have to make sure there is no physical damage to the device.

Value and Upgradeability

Apple products remain highly valuable even years after their launch. Why?

There is no clear-cut answer for this. It can be the DURABILITY of the product or the QUALITY. Some will say it’s the CONTINUOUS DEMAND for Macbooks.

But, I think the real reason it remains valuable lies in the software.

The Mac OS is the real gem of Steve Jobs’ product.

Even after years of purchasing your Macbook, you still get to upgrade it for free. It keeps your Macbook from being slow, and it lets you keep up with the new technology that comes out.

A 4-year-old Macbook can probably still run Mac OS in the latest update!

If you don’t want to keep your old Macbook, you can opt to sell it even for more than half the cost. You get to purchase a new Apple laptop without having to shell out that much money.

If you’ve owned other computer machines, you’ll know that the value falls down pretty fast as technology improves.

What’s Unique About a Macbook?

MacBook Case

This is not news anymore.

The Macbook Pro always had a niche of its own.

It has managed to keep a unique build even through years of design changes and modernization. You’ll easily spot a Macbook in a room full of other laptops.

You definitely won’t do that as easily on a Windows laptop.

Aside from the signature look of the Macbooks, here are some of the other components that set apart a Mac from Windows laptops.

Apple Tax

A lot of people get confused about this. Is Apple tax a real thing?


But, it’s NOT the tax that I know. It’s just a term that people use to refer to the premium price you have to pay for Apple products.

Operating System

Apple has its own operating system. The MacOS had gained praise even before the famous M1 processor was released.

The OS in your Macbooks is responsible for how easy it is to use. The intuitive nature of Macs makes it truly one-of-a-kind compared to a cheap laptop on the market.

The constant upgrade both in Macbooks and in the iPhone keeps your device “new” for longer too.

If updates are not enough to hook you, maybe the security will.

The security embedded in the Mac OS makes it difficult for viruses to penetrate the system. No need to worry about sticking your USB every single time.


I know I already mentioned a lot of favorites. But, the Apple ecosystem is what truly makes it a hit.

Do you own an iPad, an iPhone, or a Mac Mini?

If you do, you have SEAMLESS COMMUNICATION between your devices. Transferring files and mirroring screens are smooth and easy.

Once you own one Apple product, the intuitive ecosystem makes you purchase another one.

The security is also increased by owning more than one Apple device. Logging in to your accounts will require authentication from another Apple device.

You’ll get notified when a robber tries to access your accounts from your device.

Final Words

A Macbook is expensive. I know it, you know it, the world knows it.

It can be INTIMIDATING. But, I hope this article helped you understand why you have to shell out that much money for a laptop.

Now that you know why a Macbook can get pricey, the question now is not “Why” anymore.

Is the Macbook worth it?

Ask yourself WHY YOU NEED a laptop. If the Macbook matches your description, it is definitely a product to try!

1 thought on “Why Are MacBooks So Expensive?”

  1. your basically paying for the apple eco-system and if you like to be unplugged while writing emails and documents. You definitely still wont be doing anything too aggressive for the macbook while unplugged anyways as battery life will be between 3-4 hours or less if doing an intensive task.

    Buying an apple macbook is definitely a tough decision in today’s market as you can buy laptops that are quite a bit more powerful and capable of doing more things. In Canada a macbook air m2 is around $1499 for that price you can get a laptop on sale with a 12700h RTX 3070 16GB DDR5 1TB storage and 15 inch display that wont be quite as nice however will be a better overall laptop for everything that involves using more horsepower. Content creation, gaming, 3d, blender.

    Where the macbook shines is when you have the rest of their ecosystem it’s just nice to airdrop photos and videos straight to your macbook.

    But if looking bang for your buck and making your dollar go the farthest for the money a macbook is a poor choice.


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