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page title icon Revolutionary Wangle VPN increases speeds over DSL by 1030% and 3G by 516% whilst providing up to 65% data savings

| Updated on October 12, 2016

Wangle Technologies has announced their revolutionary new VPN app, which based on its latest laboratory tests, can provide speed boosts of over 1030%, whilst providing up to 65% data savings.

Wangle’s patent pending technology combines a “range of advanced subsystems to deliver unparalleled acceleration and data optimization.” If the Wangle app can deliver on the quoted speeds, it could be one of the most significant leaps forward in VPN technology to date.

At the present time, using a VPN significantly decreases speed because of the additional layers of encryption that needs the data needs to pass through, to improve the speed, rather than decreasing it would create a massive disruption in the industry.

With the VPN global market set to reach $70 billion US dollars worldwide by 2019, Wangle is perfectly poised to take advantage. OpenVPN, widely regarded as the industry standard, is estimated to have over 5 million subscribers globally who pay approximately $15 USD a month for the service. Wangle plans to offer their service at $4.99 a month and provides a huge speed increase.

Wangle VPN Stats
Copyright Wangle Technologies

Testing was done using an iOS 9.1+ Operating System and Android 5+ Operation System, connected via Vodafone 3G network and accessing Perth and Sydney servers hosted by Vodafone / Hutchinson.

The stats speak for themselves and from the photo, you can see that the Wangle app provides a clear speed advantage over its competitors across a number of different connections.

With the app being just one part of the package, Wangle is looking to improve on their overall offering with the announcement that they’re building a microchip to be installed in hardware devices, targeting similar speed and data saving benefits. The microchip will allow Wangle to enter the enterprise space across numerous industries including manufacturing, telecom and IoT.

At the time of writing, Wangle is currently offering a year free for anyone who subscribes before the 14th October 2016.

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