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page title icon Easiest way to remove applications from Mac OS

| Updated on January 30, 2021

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Mac laptops are some of the most popular laptops today, and for good reason. These are some of the best laptops that money can buy.

Over time you are bound to install many different programs on your Mac. In many cases you may use these programs for a short while but then never really touch them after your use for them is done. That is the main reason why most people tend to end up with a large number of unused programs on their Macs.

Essentially these programs just lie around taking up storage space – and as your hard drive begins to fill up that may even affect your Mac’s speed.

Because of that it is best to remove any unused programs from your Mac – both to free up space and ensure your Mac’s speed isn’t affected. Unfortunately at times that is easier said than done, and in some cases you’ll find that the normal method of dragging the icon over to the ‘Trash’ does not work.

That is especially true if you’re dealing with programs that require administrator rights, native apps that come pre-installed with OS X, or apps that have no icons to begin with. Additionally even if you do manage to delete apps through the ‘normal’ method – there is a risk that some files and folders will be left behind unbeknownst to you.

The fact of the matter is that while there are other ways to remove programs from a Mac, they require you to manually enter commands using the Terminal. Needless to say that is far from ideal, and you run the risk of accidentally deleting important system files in the process as well.

Rather than going down that path, there is actually a far easier, safer, and more effective way of removing any programs from a Mac – and all you need is Movavi Mac Cleaner.

Movavi Mac Cleaner Review

Using Movavi Mac Cleaner’s ‘Uninstaller’

As you can probably guess from its name, Movavi Mac Cleaner is an app that is designed to help clean any ‘junk’ files from your Mac’s hard drive. Within it there is a specific feature that will prove useful in this case however – the ‘Uninstaller’.

To access the feature is pretty straightforward, owing to the clean and simple design of Movavi Mac Cleaner. Once you launch Movavi Mac Cleaner it will begin to automatically scan your hard drive to find any and all junk files – then display the results and let you remove them.

All you need to do is wait (though you can choose to remove the junk files if you like), and when the scan is done look for the ‘Uninstaller’ feature on the left-side of the app.

After you select the ‘Uninstaller’, Movavi Mac Cleaner will automatically start another scan – this time to identify all the programs that are present on your Mac. It will categorize these results when it is done into ‘User Apps’, ‘OS X Apps’ and ‘Leftovers’.

Simply put the ‘User Apps’ are any apps that you installed, ‘OS X Apps’ are the native apps that were pre-installed with OS X, whereas ‘Leftovers’ consist of files that were left behind by any apps that were removed in the past.

On your part all that remains to be done is to browse through the list of results, select any programs that you feel you don’t need, and then use Movavi Mac Cleaner to remove them. That task is made easier as the list of programs will be organized based on when each one was last used, so it should be easy for you to figure out whether you actually require those programs or not.

When you find any that you don’t need, just click on the box beside it to check it then click the ‘Remove’ button.

It is highly recommended that you remove any and all ‘User Apps’, ‘OS X Apps’ and ‘Leftovers’ that you don’t need so that you free up as much space as possible. At the end of the day keep in mind that it is always better to have more space than you need, than to need more space than you have.

Clean Out More Space

Of course aside from the ‘Uninstaller’, the other features in Movavi Mac Cleaner will enable you to clean out even more space – which definitely makes them worth trying out. To start with you may want to clean out all the junk files that were found in the initial scan of your Mac, as that should free up a sizable amount of space.

With the ‘Disk Usage’ feature, you can then browse through a list of all the large files and folders that are located on your Mac, and choose to remove any that you don’t need. Similarly the ‘Duplicate Files’ feature will help you track down any copies of files that may not be required, and the ‘Large and Old Files’ features will do the same for large files that haven’t been accessed in some time.

Another interesting feature that you may find useful is the ‘Shredder’. As you may (or may not) know, when files are deleted from any computer they aren’t truly gone until the data sectors where they were stored are overwritten with new data.

In short they can be recovered – which is useful at times, but not a good thing if you’re dealing with sensitive or confidential data. By using the ‘Shredder’ you can delete files and immediately overwrite the data, so the files won’t be able to be restored through any means.

To top it off, you’ll find that Movavi Mac Cleaner even has its own built-in antivirus and firewall. While this won’t technically help you to free up more storage space, it will protect you from malware, viruses and other threats that could impact your Mac and its performance levels severely.

All in all you should now know how to remove programs from Mac as well as clear up a lot more of your storage space of unnecessary files as well. It is going to be worth your while to try to do this on a regular basis, so that you always ensure that you have as much free space as possible – while also keeping your Mac in good condition on the whole.

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