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page title icon Lenovo Yoga vs. Macbook Air: Ultrabook Full Comparison

| Updated on June 30, 2022

Are you looking for a dependable Ultrabook? You’ve come to the right place! Check out this comparison guide as I put the Lenovo Yoga vs. MacBook Air!

In the world of laptops, Lenovo and Apple are two tech giants who have made names for themselves, and of the many devices they offer, the Lenovo Yoga and MacBook Air are among their best offerings.

So let’s set the scene: You’re looking for a solid laptop with a great display, but you don’t want to get lost in the details.

You’re in luck because I’m going to break down these two devices so that you can get the best laptop!

But Why These Two?

It almost feels like an unfair comparison, right? Why pit the relatively plain-looking Lenovo Yoga against the sleek Apple Macbook Air?

That’s because the Apple MacBook Air is Apple’s most approachable laptop.

It doesn’t quite have the grunt of other Apple Macbooks, but it’s comparable to most Lenovo laptops.

Let’s get into it!

Lenovo Yoga and Macbook Air: Full Comparison

Image feature: Lenovo; Apple

I will discuss the main differences, features, and benefits you’ll receive between the Lenovo Yoga and the Macbook Air and note which one is better of the two depending on the category!

What Are Their Internals Like?

Let’s start with my specifications with the CPU of these ultrabooks. The Apple MacBook Air has the new Apple M1 CPU, solid 8 cores for more performance.

If you didn’t know, that’s comparable to most 11th-gen Intel core i7 chips, so you know you’re getting a speedy laptop.

But the Yoga has an equal amount of cores in its chips, so it provides comparable performance at similar speeds.

WINNER: Tie! Both the Macbook Air and Lenovo Yoga have comparable CPUs with the same number of cores.

What About Their RAM?

I haven’t mentioned the most important of specs, RAM! Both of these devices can be found with varying configurations of RAM, from 8GB to 16GB of RAM.

Neither one of these laptops has the edge when it comes to RAM, so this one’s a tie.

What if I Want to Play Games?

There’s a common joke in the laptop community about Apple laptops: “You can’t game on a Mac.”

Nowadays, that’s not quite true. You won’t be playing Cyberpunk 2077 with ray-tracing on, but you can use an Apple MacBook air to perfectly run light titles like Cozy Grove!

That’s because the Apple MacBook Air comes with integrated graphics. While these are fine for web browsing and lighter apps, you’d need something stronger for more demanding games!

Display Quality

Your laptop display is a vital part of your device. How can you create color-accurate work with a dim display?

Apple prides itself on providing amazing displays, and the Apple MacBook Air maintains its reputation.

This laptop provides extremely clear image quality for its price point, enough to put other Windows laptops to shame. You won’t have trouble making out the finer details on your Apple MacBook!

The Macbook Air comes with a higher display resolution than the Yoga, so you’ll get a cleaner and crisp image.

WINNER: Macbook Air! With more pixels in its display, this machine can support cleaner images than Yoga.

What About the Price?

No one likes talking about price, but you need to balance your device with your budget.

I’ve mentioned this earlier, but Lenovo devices tend to be reasonably priced, especially if you find them on sale.

However, the MacBook Air is Apple’s entry-level ultrabook, priced to match. These Apple machines are generally cheaper than some other Yogas in this rare case.

WINNER: Macbook Air! These laptops can be found at a more affordable price than the Yoga line.

How’s Their Performance?

This will depend on your CPU and RAM, so an Intel Core i7 will get you faster performance than an Intel core i5.

This new generation of laptops with Apple M1 chips will net you faster performance than its predecessors and longer battery life!

However, the Yogas pack 11th-gen Intel core i7, and Intel Core i5 chips are still fast.

If you’re worried about your videos editing slowly, let me put your fears to rest. The new Apple M1 chip will shorten your time in Final Cut Pro so that you can move on to other apps faster!

WINNER: Tie! Both the Apple M1 and Intel Core i7 are very competent chips.

Build Quality and Design

You don’t want to leave your device in the box, right? You need something that will support your fast-paced lifestyle!

But you also need something sturdy that can handle long commutes and won’t break under too much weight. These Ultrabooks are fairly sturdy, so there are no winners there.

Apart from being light and portable, the Apple MacBook Air also has another trick: Silence. I’m talking about the lack of fans on this laptop!

Somehow, Apple has managed to cool their latest Macs without using any fans. This means you won’t struggle to hear your speakers over the whirring of your Macbook Air!

These machines also come with a backlit keyboard, just if you want to use them in darker conditions.

WINNER: Apple! Their unique cooling design means your device will keep frosty even under load.

Webcam Quality

You’ll need a webcam for a full day of video meetings if you’re in. Both of these ultrabooks come with built-in cameras.

Apple has its patented Facetime HD camera, which has been improved for this generation to provide a higher image quality.

Lenovo has a standard webcam that hasn’t changed much, so its quality has lagged.

WINNER: Apple! Their Facetime HD camera will make you look great.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The latest test results for battery life say that these two machines are fairly even, so there are no winners there.

Both of these laptops are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable too. The difference lies in their USB connections. The Yoga has USB C and USB A ports, while the MacBook Air is all-in on USB C.

WINNER: Lenovo Yoga! Not everyone wants an extra dongle, so the Lenovo Yoga wins here!

How Are Their Warranties?

This is a worst-case scenario feature, but you never know when you’ll need to call in your warranty. What if your laptop display freezes up on you?

Your Apple Macbook air will come with about 3 months of complimentary technical support, plus a one-year limited warranty. You can also extend your warranty for an additional price.

On the other hand, Lenovo is infamous for confusing warranties and an extremely long repair process.

WINNER: MacBook Air! This Apple Ultrabook comes with a more straightforward warranty than what Lenovo offers.

Extra Features

Here, I’ll be going over the details that aren’t essential to a laptop but are nice to have, just in case.

Most Lenovo Yoga notebooks come with a fingerprint scanner for more convenient bootup and additional security. These touchscreens also come with a stylus pen to take quick notes.

They also have an SD card reader if you want to backup your data. Apple has phased out this feature on their MacBooks in favor of an extra USB dongle adapter.

These notebooks have support for multi-touch gestures, so they’re even there.

WINNER: Lenovo Yoga! These notebooks have more USB functionality and extra features out of the box.

What About Older Tech?

If you want a laptop with an optical drive, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Neither the Lenovo Yoga nor MacBook Air comes with an optical drive.

Quick Laptop Reviews

Here, I’ll be discussing the performance and other details about some of the best Lenovo Yoga and Apple MacBook air models to date!

Lenovo Yoga 9i

Lenovo Yoga 9i

Check Price on Amazon

The Intel Core i7 chip inside this device has 4 speedy cores to help you race through your tasks and finish early!

Another bonus for the Yoga 9i is its 4K display resolution and blazing fast SSD, which will help you load films and files with both speed and clarity!

You can forget about external speakers. Thanks to the soundbar on the 9i, you won’t even need them! You can pick it up here.

Lenovo Yoga C740

Lenovo Yoga C740

Check Price on Amazon

This is a more modest device, but it’s still speedy enough for work! It comes with a fingerprint scanner so you can secure your laptop.

Depending on the configuration, you can get this productivity machine with either an intel core i5 or an Intel Core i7 inside.

With 8GB of DDR4 RAM, the Yoga C740 is more than fast enough to get you through the day. You can pick it up here.

Apple Macbook Air Intel Core i5

Apple Macbook Air 13

Check Price on Amazon

This MacBook Air comes with an Intel Core i5 chip, developed before the Apple M1 CPU was released. The 4 cores in this chip are perfect for lighter tasks like homework!

It, unfortunately, doesn’t have an SD card reader, but you can pick up a dongle adapter if you need the functionality.

The 8GB of RAM within will complement the CPU, letting you flip through tabs and apps on the fly. You can pick it up here.

Apple Macbook Air 13 M1 Chip

Apple Macbook Air 13 2020

Check Price on Amazon

This classic refresh brought Macbooks into a golden age. Sporting an 8-core Apple M1 chip, this device smoked its Intel core i5 competitors in style.

Apple tech has arguably the best speakers around, and this machine still delivers on that front. You won’t need earphones when using this beauty.

There’s also no need to bother with charging since the Macbook Air 2020’s battery will last up to 15 hours of steady use.

You can store up to 512GB of data on the Air 13 2020, and it will load faster thanks to the 8GB of RAM within. You can pick it up here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions about these Ultrabook devices!

Which Is Better, Lenovo Yoga or Macbook Air?

Apple devices are well known for their premium feel, and the Apple MacBook Air is no exception. However, the Lenovo Yoga is a perfectly competent Windows device as well!

If you want solid speakers and an amazing battery, get the MacBook Air. But remember that you’ll need a dongle if you want to interface with non-USB C ports.

If you want a wider selection of USB ports and a touchscreen display, get the Lenovo Yoga. But you’ll also have a webcam that’s not so high quality.

Can I Upgrade These Laptops?

Unlike a desktop, laptop makers don’t prioritize upgradability in their machines, and the Apple MacBook Air is no exception to this rule.

If you want to replace the keyboard or add more RAM, you’re out of luck. Plus, Apple services don’t offer any upgrades unless you want to buy a completely new laptop.

By comparison, Lenovo will give you upgrade access, but only for a few things. You can add more RAM or a larger SSD, depending on which Lenovo Yoga you’re sporting.

The upgradability of the Lenovo Yoga won’t extend to other specifications like the CPU or display, but you can customize your laptop a bit.

Are Lenovo Laptops Better Than Mac?

With a Mac, you’re getting a premium-feeling device right out of the box. The Lenovo Yoga offers the same experience but in a convertible form.

In this case, the Mac beats the Yoga. Despite their similar price points, the MacBook offers more than the Yoga does.

However, if you’ve gotten used to the Windows operating system, an Apple MacBook Air might not be for you.

It’ll take you some more time to get used to the different apps that macOS will give you access to. But if you want to move out of the Windows ecosystem, why not?

Is Lenovo Better Than Apple?

Apple laptops are prized by creators for their performance, while Lenovo is better known for making devices for all budgets.

With this in mind, a Lenovo laptop at this price point will be a fairly even deal compared to Apple MacBook Air.

However, the Lenovo Yoga falls short once you move up the line toward an Apple MacBook Pro. Another thing that holds Lenovo back is its warranty.

Apple has much better customer service by comparison. Overall, Lenovo devices are more approachable, but you can try getting an Apple laptop if you want a change of pace.

Is the Lenovo Yoga Worth Buying?

It may seem like the Apple MacBook Air has the Yoga beat in many ways, but there’s more to it.

The Lenovo Yoga has one big thing over the Apple MacBook Air, and that’s the display on the Yoga. The MacBook Air may have a higher display resolution, but the Lenovo Yoga is a touchscreen.

Users have been asking for touchscreens to be added to the Apple MacBook air for years, but Apple has never listened.

According to them, other Apple devices already have that covered, like the iPad and iPhone.

But sometimes, you just want a bigger touchscreen display, and the Lenovo Yoga provides that.

So if you want to make the most out of your display, I think the Lenovo Yoga is worth buying.


The Apple MacBook Air is a laptop that has mastered the fundamentals: Incredible display resolution, good Wi-Fi connectivity, and boasts a whole-day battery life.

But does that make it better than the Lenovo Yoga? That depends because the MacBook Air has a few issues of its own. It has a poor selection of USB ports and thicker bezels around the display.

Apart from these issues, I recommend the Macbook Air over the Yoga because of its new 8-core Apple M1 chip, clear webcam and pleasant keyboard.

The main difference between the Lenovo Yoga and the Apple Macbook Air is their target market. The Lenovo Yoga is an ultrabook designed for school work and business.

Meanwhile, the Apple MacBook Air is designed for creatives and veteran Apple users. Making the jump from Windows to Mac isn’t for everyone, but Apple makes it very enticing.

However, your preferences may vary. Follow the quick guide below to match your laptop with your needs!

Pick up a Lenovo Yoga If:

  • You want a touchscreen display with a stylus pen
  • You need more than USB C ports
  • You need a bigger display
  • You’re used to the Windows operating system

Pick up an Apple Macbook Air If:

  • You need a lighter laptop
  • You want a longer battery life
  • You want a device with stronger speakers
  • You want to try out the new Apple M1 chips

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