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page title icon Lenovo vs. Dell: Which Laptop Brand is Better in 2024?

| Updated on January 30, 2023

Are you stuck in deciding which is better between Lenovo and Dell? Fear not! Read this article to learn about the two and which is more suited for you!

Hey, are you looking for a new laptop? I’ve been there.

But you can’t seem to settle on just one laptop brand. No problem! I’m here to narrow it down to a classic matchup: Dell VS Lenovo!

These two heavyweights are definitely among the most reliable laptop brands on the market, but what makes them special?

Read on, and I’ll show you.

Why Dell vs. Lenovo?

Lenovo vs. Dell: What's Right for You?
Image feature: Dell; Lenovo

Make no mistake; these tech giants butt heads regularly, but they’re not the only players around.

I just so happened to pick them because they almost call the other brand out with each new laptop they release. There’s nothing like a little tech rivalry.

With that out of the way, let’s begin with the solid classics; Lenovo!

Lenovo Laptops: What You Should Know

So the first thing you should know about Lenovo laptops is that they run the WHOLE gamut for specs, price, and performance.

They can get you a cheap laptop, a gaming laptop; YOU name it! The Lenovo brand has you covered as long as it’s a clamshell (the standard design for laptops)!

But, their greatest all-around business laptop HAS to be the Lenovo Thinkpad.

If you’re familiar with laptop history, you might be a little confused here; aren’t those laptops made by someone else?

You’d be right…if it were around twenty years ago.

I won’t mention any names here, but all you need to know is that the current Thinkpad is solely a Lenovo laptop, and its timeless qualities keep it consistently at the top.

Now, back to the Lenovo Thinkpad. To be clear, it’s definitely what you’d call one of the “higher-end” Lenovo laptops.

Everything about these workhorses has been refined, redesigned, and held to the highest standards. Nothing but the BEST in these babies!

You might ask what that tiny weird nub is in the middle of the keyboard; That’s the icon that launched Thinkpads to the top of the market and helped them stay there!

The more straightforward answer? It’s a bright red secondary mouse. Move your finger across it and press down the edges to click it!

Lenovo laptops are constructed fairly well, but the Thinkpad is simply in another class entirely. However, even among the many Thinkpad laptops out there, the X1 Carbon leads the pack.

Thinkpad X1 Carbon Review

Thinkpad X1

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This is a laptop that just won’t quit. Even when it was at the top of the charts, Lenovo made it BETTER!

How’d they done that? By sparing (almost) no expense, of course! The X1 Carbon comes equipped with an Intel Core i7 chip for all your business and leisure needs.

Its 14-inch screen means ample real estate for spreadsheets (or Youtube videos, naturally) and the fact that it’s LCD. Just the cherry on top of an irresistible sundae.

Say goodbye to drab, washed-out colors, and hello to a screen almost as bright and crisp as real life!

It also packs an Intel Iris XE chip for graphics; That’ll get you through any less-demanding games. Think the modern classics, like Stardew Valley or Darkest Dungeon.

However, I have one (fairly big) issue with the Thinkpads. For all their stunning looks, they won’t make YOU look good.

That’s right; The webcam is a little on the shoddier side! If your days are packed with meetings, you’ll want to look at an external webcam. Shame.

What About a Lenovo Ideapad?

Lenovo Ideapad

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Alright, but what if business laptops aren’t quite in the cards for you? There are other Lenovo laptop models for you!

So, in this case, you’ll be looking for a Lenovo Ideapad. I know I said they were “cheap” laptops, but that’s not entirely fair.

It’s well known that Lenovo laptops offer a quality that MATCHES their prices, and the Ideapad proves this point in every way.

If you compare Lenovo vs. Dell solely by the Ideapad models, you’d be surprised.

These so-called “budget options” have everything the Thinkpads have…just a little smaller!

Most Ideapads you can find will come with discrete graphics cards, meaning you’re more likely to game on one of these than on a Thinkpad!

Does Lenovo Offer Anything Lighter?

Lenovo Flex 5

If you’re a student or an executive on the go, Lenovo’s laptops also offer portability and style with their convertible laptops.

These are also often called 2-in-1 laptops because they’re both tablet and clamshell notebooks.

You can find these little marvels in both Thinkpad and Ideapad models.

You can use these smaller screens normally or flip them into tent mode for the power of a Lenovo laptop, without the keyboard getting in the way! (Don’t look at the screen too closely.)

Lenovo’s convertibles are the perfect aid for a quick episode during your breaks!


The warranty period for Lenovo laptops is 12 months on average, but you probably won’t need to call it in.

After all, Lenovo laptops are some of the most reliable laptops on the market!

Just in case, though, they’re easily contactable through their official website and social media pages.

Dell Laptops: What You Should Know

So you’re thinking of getting a Dell laptop? You’ve got an eye for quality, then.

With Dell, you KNOW you’re getting a high-performance laptop and (usually) an honest-to-goodness discrete graphics card.

Even the humblest, cheapest Dell laptop can offer you incredibly powerful Intel processors. And that’s not even MENTIONING their superb build quality!

Why, if you compare Dell Inspiron to its rival Lenovo laptops? The Dell Inspiron will win out. These (not-so) sophisticated laptops can take a beating and will last you for years.

But never mind the Inspiron. Jet-setters will want to take a look at the Dell Latitude below!

Dell Latitude 7420 Review

Dell Latitude 7420

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This beautiful and sleek business laptop sports an FHD (That stands for Full HD Display) screen, meaning it can render images in 1080p quality.

That’s just the beginning. Like most Dell laptops, the Latitude also has speed and power on its side.

An incredibly beefy Intel core i7 chip sits pretty under the Latitude’s hood (er, keyboard?)

With this blazing fast quad-core processor, you’ll be able to load whatever programs and tasks come your way, as long as they’re light on graphical needs.

The Latitude also packs a rock-solid 512GB SSD. That’s enough to fit TWO HUNDRED 1080p movies, guaranteed to look INCREDIBLE on its 14-inch screen!

The only minor gripe I have with this model is its lack of a discrete graphics card. Check the “Gaming laptop” section below if you need the graphics grunt.

What About Dell Chromebooks?

Dell Inspiron 11

If you don’t quite see the need for a stronger Dell laptop, you could look into some of the cheaper Dell laptops.

These may be cheaper laptops, but their price sweetens the deal!

Dell’s budget laptops often feature AMD processors, but don’t knock AMD just because! You can find both Intel and AMD processors in the best laptops around!

These Chromebooks pack dual-core processors for your needs. Now, “dual-core” may not sound like much, but they’ll load whatever a student could want when they want it, perfectly fine.

Your word processors and audio-editing programs are safe in the hands of this capable little guy!

Maybe don’t expect an Nvidia GTX graphics card with these bad boys.


Similar to Lenovo, Dell laptops come equipped with a warranty of 1 year, and you might end up using them sooner than you’d like!

An unusual downside to Dell’s high-end laptops is that, for the most part, their internals are pretty powerful.

How could that POSSIBLY be a downside, you ask?

It’s because better parts give off more heat! Make sure you keep your Dell laptops nice and cool…so you won’t have to call in your warranty too early.

Now, there’s a chance you might have heard that Dell laptops can come with…some problems.

I say you’re FAR more likely to enjoy your powerful laptop than to end up with a funny unit.

But, on the off chance that you need it, this Texan company’s big on providing good customer service, too! They’ll happily replace any unruly parts you may have.

And, if their fixes won’t work, Dell will also quickly process an RMA (That’s a Return Merchandise Authorization) for any repairs or part replacements you might need at their service centers.

What Do You Get With a Lenovo Laptop?

Lenovo laptops give you the best value for money, and they don’t skimp on important parts.

They also guarantee you maximum portability and shockingly long battery life!

Just beware that Dell’s Laptops are easier to get repaired when it comes to Lenovo vs. Dell. But that’s hardly an issue you’ll run into often.

Lenovo has more service centers around, but they’re just not as ready as Dell to receive returns for repairs.

Should you expect an extended battery life with Lenovo laptops? The answer is a solid YES! Go ahead, stay unplugged and move around for longer!

Your charge will last over FIVE HOURS, as long as you treat your machine right! (Don’t expect to do any heavy video editing away from the wall.)

What Do You Get With a Dell Laptop?

A heftier price tag…but you get a sturdy body and a smooth-traveling keyboard. No mushy pressing here. Dell laptops? Worth it!

Dell laptops often sport more unique designs than Lenovo, and the models also come in more colors, too.

If you want to show off your Dell (and let’s be real, you will), you’ve got galore choices.

You should also be aware that Dell laptops don’t exactly have the best battery life, too. My advice? Keep a socket within your field of view at all times.

Mind the heat! What these notebooks have in strength, they trade away in heat management. When using your Dell, you might want to stay in cool, shady areas.

What if I Want a Top Gaming Laptop?


Work is all fine and good…but what about those more demanding, newer games?

Do Lenovo and Dell have what you need to kick back (online) with the boys?

I’ve got GREAT news! Both Dell and Lenovo do!

With these portable beasts, you’ll be racking up killstreaks (or running through stunning open-worlds) worry-free!

Dell has burst onto the gaming scene with the help of its Alienware Laptops, and they’re the cream of the crop.

Big screens, high refresh rates, and the best Nvidia graphics card you can find. All in a single package!

If you can find them (They’re a little unusual as of this writing), Alienware also has some laptops with AMD Radeon cards.

Team Red’s (AMD) chips are powerful enough to contend with anything Team Green (Nvidia) comes out with. With Alienware, you can get the best of both chips!

Don’t count out Lenovo laptops, either! They’ve carved out a niche with their Legion line of gaming laptops.

These laptops may look a little plain next to their massive Alienware rivals, but what?

It’s not the size that matters here…but what’s inside!

A Legion laptop’s flashy screen distracts you from the Intel Core i7 chip underneath. The powerful parts inside this chassis will make you regret not getting a graphics card sooner!

So, Back to Dell vs. Lenovo…What’s the Best Laptop Brand?

The main difference between Lenovo and Dell laptops has got to be their prices.

The two laptop brands offer different product lines depending on your budget. But, Dell laptops are more expensive on average.

My preferences lie with Dell, but I love their keyboards and smooth screens!

Get a Lenovo if:

  • You’re looking for budget laptops.
  • You want reliability and longer battery life.
  • You need something light but powerful (Lenovo Thinkpad, anyone?)

Get a Dell if:

  • You’ve got a hankering for high-end premium laptops.
  • You plan to stay plugged in throughout the day.
  • You love tanky, tough, almost-weapons grade laptops.

Final Thoughts

No matter your need or price point, Dell and Lenovo have something for you! Keep every tip I’ve given above in mind when picking your machine, and you CAN’T go wrong!

I know you’ll be delighted with your new windows laptop!

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