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page title icon Top Ace or Just a Chase: Is Acer a Good Laptop Brand?

| Updated on May 12, 2022

Wondering if investing in an Acer laptop is worth it? Read on to find out if the brand really is a tech ace or just a chase!

So, you’re in the market for a new laptop now, huh?

I can tell you’ve browsed through various catalogs and saw BIG NAMES like Apple, HP, and Dell as the go-to recommendation by a lot of tech bloggers and enthusiasts.

While I couldn’t deny that these laptops are indeed great, THEY CAN BE EXPENSIVE!

But now you’ve found a silver lining, an underdog in the scene: ACER.

Now, you must be wondering, “Is Acer a good laptop brand?”

You might be surprised because it is! In this article, I’ll tell you why, so you can decide if Acer the right laptop brand for you!

The Honest Rundown: So… Is Acer a Good Laptop Brand?

The Honest Rundown: So... Is Acer a Good Laptop Brand?

You might have seen Acer laptops while passively browsing through your favorite tech shop, or even from a friend.

But now you’re wondering if this is an investment that is worthy of the SERIOUS cash you’re gonna drop, huh?

Now you’re asking yourself: Why should I choose Acer laptops over other brands?

We’ll let’s break it down!

What Makes Acer Laptops Good?


While design preference for laptops can be a subjective thing, we can definitely say these laptops have a STELLAR BUILD QUALITY.

Acer provides for the various niches and needs of the common digital consumer, from budget laptops for students, business laptops for professionals, and gaming laptops to satisfy gamers of EVERY GENRE.

Hardware Range

You’d be surprised at the variety that the brand offers for different budgets!

THEY LITERALLY HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE, from entry-level laptops to high-spec beasts of gaming rigs, no matter the price!

The price-to-performance ratio of these well-made machines will just make you drool, and your wallet stays cool!

The company makes considerably priced machines that makes Acer a choice against the other competing brands.

Talk about a bang for the buck, huh?


Acer as a company always pushes for the best possible specs through their innovative releases.

Take their ultra-portable laptops for example, especially with the Acer Swift 7 that weighs just 2-pounds and 0.39 inches thick!

It’s lighter than a FULL RACK OF RIBS! Thinner than one, too!

Can you believe that?

Aside from the ultralightweight aspect of this laptop, it also features a beautiful FULL HIGH DEFINITION display with a stunning minimal bezel! Now that’s how you take the game to another level.

Take it from me, Acer really does make everything worth it, especially in their top-of-the-line laptop models.


I’ve got good news for you conscious folk out there: Acer laptops come with a one-year warranty to cover your needs and repairs!

So if you feel like you’ve broken your screen or need an overhaul on your CPU, don’t fret, especially if the warranty’s got you covered!

I swear, it’s a REASSURING thing especially for a huge tech investment like a laptop!

Customer Support

If I’m gonna talk about customer support from a company, Acer’s got excellent and knowledgeable agents behind their back!

We all know that sometimes dealing with tech support can be a huge pain and a headache, but the experience I got was just pure reassuring bliss!

The agents have SOLID KNOWLEDGE of the products they’re representing, so it’s a guaranteed win for you!

Acer is a people’s brand after all, and it only makes sense to have the right kind of people to support their consumers.

Great job, Acer!

Let’s Talk About The Good and the Bad

While Acer laptops do look amazing on paper and by experience, it still does come with a few things that I’d like to be critical with.

Of course, we’d love to give you full transparency on how the laptops function, so let’s talk about the pros and cons of the brand, too!

Let’s Start With the Good

Top-Notch Value and Selection!

The laptops range from cheap and affordable to more premium ones for PROFESSIONALS with specific needs, like portable art tablets, business laptops, and top-of-the-line gaming rigs.

Parts Can Be Replaced!

Acer’s laptops, especially the budget laptops, have easy-to-replace parts!

While some of these laptops aren’t exactly the most durable, the parts can still be replaced since the company has a lot of spare replacements readily available.

The Gaming Laptops Line Is Amazing!

Acer Predator is a monument in the gaming laptop community. It features MONSTROUS specs that can easily run demanding games on the fly!

The Innovative Products are Definitely Jaw-Droppers!

The company is known for laptop releases that feature INNOVATIVE and GROUNDBREAKING quirks, especially their premium laptops that make things convenient for users.

So What’s the Bad?

Cheaper, Budget Laptops Are Usually Not Too Durable

Full disclosure: you get what you pay for in the budget laptop range of Acer. The parts may be easily replaceable, but the stress of getting repairs can be a huge hassle in the long haul!

Inconsistencies in Reviews

There are a LOT of products in the Acer laptop arsenal, ranging from innovative premiums and sub-par budget computers.

Having this wide range of laptops make the quality inconsistent as a whole, so it would be best to consider what you need in a laptop before taking the jump!

What Do People Say About Acer?

Wondering about the general consensus about Acer? I have two words: PEOPLE’S COMPUTER.

What the public generally likes about the Acer laptop models is the level of accessibility it presents at different price points, with the STELLAR customer service to match!

The price-to-performance ratio is real, and I think that is the real reason for its transparency and accessibility! You really do get what you pay for.

While it may sound like a double-edged sword, especially for the budget models, you can never go wrong with their mid-tier and premium line of laptops especially for the specs they present.

A stand-out in people’s reviews for the brand, however, is for their gaming laptop line.

The Predetor series really did shift the game for the gaming industry featuring raw power and fast displays for considerable battery life!

The features they put on their gaming laptops really did CHANGE THE GAME for the better, especially for the mass market!

Does Acer Make Good Gaming Laptops: What Are the Well Known Acer Models to Look Out For?

Yes, Acer makes great gaming laptops! Now you might have some other questions lurking in your head like…

Are Acer laptops a good investment? Or perhaps you’re just looking around?

I got you! Here are my top recommendations, from a budget machine to a portable gaming beast.

Get Up to Speed with the Acer Swift 3

Dell XPS 15 7590

If you’re in the market for an affordable and highly portable business laptop that boasts a THIN and LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN with decent battery life, then look no further from the Acer Swift 3!

This release from the Swift series packs a punch for multitasking, perfect for daily work tasks like data entry, writing, etc.

Be warned though, that this is ideal for minor tasks, as it lacks the power needed for gaming.

Acer Aspire 5

Dell XPS 15 7590

Looking for something that can tick all of your boxes for a daily driver?

Then step right up! You’re in for one of the best deals for budget machines with the Acer Aspire 5!

Basically, when we say ticks all the boxes, we mean:

  • Solid battery life
  • Great build quality
  • Modern components
  • Well performing
  • Affordable

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, good news for you, Acer made it possible!

But, it still comes with a few drawbacks, like a dim screen, sub-par touchpad, and can be a bit bulky.

No products found.

No products found.

The Predator series is appropriately named, is my genuine opinion, and that’s for a good reason!

It’s out to HUNT for the similarly priced releases from other brands, but packs more power!

Enter the Triton 500, a MONSTER packed with features in one small package.

What makes this stand out is the raw power that it has, bringing it to the upper echelon of MUST HAVE gaming laptops.

We have to admit though, that no piece of tech is perfect and this machine still comes with its drawbacks. It has a bit of a flimsy lid and an awkward keyboard layout that may turn off some gamers.

On top of that, this thing doesn’t come cheap, too!

But regardless, if you’re looking for reasons to get this, just read on! You’d still be surprised.

What Makes It Stand Out from Competing Laptop Brands?

Compared to other monuments in the laptop world like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, the brand Acer presents itself as a more accessible brand that has different products at different price points.

This aspect of their laptop and other tech releases make them a people’s choice for the budget-conscious, or those looking for a fresh take with their innovative features.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, Though…

I’m not saying that Acer takes the top spot for accessibility, it still comes with its own drawbacks that still make the competition outclass them in certain aspects like design and quality consistency.

While they still come with their own problems, especially for quality in the budget range, I can still assure you that an investment with their medium-range and top-of-the-line releases is still very worth it!

This one brand is definitely out here to make great deals that people just can’t refuse!

Who Makes Acer Computers?

The origin story of this legendary brand is simple!

Acer is a Taiwanese brand in the field of hardware and electronics to fulfill the demand for modern computers. They deal with desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc.

As of late, it grew to become one of the biggest PC manufacturers in the WORLD. Imagine that?

You might also know them for one of their sister brands, Gateway, another PC company.

The company has come a long way to supply the need for modern tech that is affordable, making them a people’s go-to for their laptop and PC needs!

What Should I Consider Before Taking the Jump for Acer?

Now thinking of making the jump?

Consider these things before making your decision!

  • Always check trusted laptop reviews first! A review from your favorite tech blogger from Youtube can be a good place to start!
  • Ask people who own Acer laptops if you need reassurance!
  • Think about the type of work you’ll be doing, and then decide on which Acer laptop to get!
  • Consider the Predator series if you’re into some serious gaming!

The Verdict

If you’ve been looking for some form of reassurance before purchasing your first Acer laptop, I can guarantee you a quality product.

Just make sure you consider getting the releases from their mid-tier and premium range!

Acer is a brand you can trust, with quality innovations and AMAZING customer service to match if you encounter a problem, too!

I hope this guide helped you out in making that choice for your new laptop.

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