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page title icon HP vs. Acer: What Should You Get?

| Updated on August 5, 2023

Having trouble choosing between HP and Acer? Read this guide to find out which laptop maker reigns supreme, plus check out some of their best models.

HP and Acer are reliable brands and have both been in the laptop market for a long time. If you’re looking for a new laptop, you can’t go wrong with these powerhouses.

Whether you need a business rig, an affordable device, or even a gaming laptop, either laptop brand can offer what you need. However, I understand if you’re having trouble choosing between them.

This guide will help you decide between these two excellent laptop manufacturers. I’ve also got a few quick recommendations depending on your needs.

HP vs. Acer: Brand Overview

HP vs. Acer: Which Brand Should You Get in 2023?

Hewlett Packard(HP) was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewett and Dave Packard. The company originally worked on audio oscillators before shifting towards calculators and Windows laptops today.

In contrast, Acer was founded more recently in 1976 as Multitech before changing its name to Acer in 1987 as a public company.

The company worked on desktop computers before branching into laptops, and other computer peripherals like monitors and keyboards.

Several HP desktops and Acer desktops are favored by businesses for their reliability, and they have also become mainstays in the laptop industry.

HP vs. Acer: A Closer Look

Acer and HP are among the best laptop brands available, making either choice a good investment.

However, I’ve broken down both brands into by factor to help you choose between them.


Regarding prices, both laptops offer quality laptops at different prices. Regardless of what you pick, their laptops will be reliable.

In the debate between Acer vs. HP, Acer laptops tend to be more affordable than many HP laptops. That said, I’ve seen laptops from both brands at widely different price points.

If you want a decent but cheap laptop, I’d recommend Acer.


Processors and Graphics Cards

Both Acer and HP laptops have Intel Core i5-i9 or AMD Ryzen 3,5, or 7 processors. However, consumer HP laptops typically have more customization options for their higher-end models.

HP and Acer computers offer both NVidia and AMD graphics cards.

However, both brands reserve the latest NVIDIA RTX 40 series GP for laptops specialized in gaming. Acer offers killer performance with its Predator series of gaming rigs, while HP has its Omen and Victus lines.

In the debate between Acer vs. HP, it all depends on what you are looking for; I would get an HP computer for the performance, and an Acer laptop for a reliable, balanced, budget laptop.


Screen Quality

Regarding display quality, Acer models offer full HD display screens for color accuracy and sharpness, which is great for gaming, editing, and creating art. They also have a high refresh rate of 144-300 Hz for fluid gameplay.

HP has a broad range of models with 4K displays, from the HP Pavilion to the Spectre Series. The brightness on these models can reach up to 1000 nits, which is great for outdoor usage.

They also have 100% RGB color gamut coverage. Either brand can adjust its screen quality with backlight settings.

Deciding between Acer vs. HP here depends on what you are looking for. I would go for Acer for broader display options and high refresh rates.

I would go for HP models for higher brightness levels and better color accuracy among their models.


Build Quality

When it comes to durability and build quality, Acer laptops favor lighter builds for improved portability. Their chassis are often made of plastic and metal, but they also use aluminum chassis for the premium models.

HP laptops are usually tougher and more durable, with reinforced corners and robust hinges. HP makes the most durable laptops, with very sturdy and rigid chassis.

When it comes to hard-wearing laptops that can take a beating, HP proves superior.


Battery Life

Both companies produce excellent battery life laptops since they cater to a wide range of users, from gamers to creative professionals.

From what I’ve observed with both brands, Acer laptops can last for 9 hours, compared to HP’s 6-8 hours of average battery life. Unfortunately, HP’s powerful components also tend to use more power.

However, this estimate may change when it comes to gaming laptops. Whether you’re using a professional or gaming-focused device, you can still squeeze an extended battery life out of it by lowering the brightness.


Customer Support and Warranty

Acer and HP have different policies regarding the kind of warranties and customer support they offer;

Acer offers three years of international coverage with daily online and phone support. The company also offers “accidental damage protection,” covering drops, spills, and electrical surges for extra cost.

On the other hand, HP offers free product diagnosis and repairs at certified workshops with partnered suppliers. HP customers enjoy basic troubleshooting via chat or email within a year of limited warranty.

Both companies offer extended warranties with extra features and warranties for accidental damage protection for a fee.

HP laptops guarantee longevity thanks to their great customer service and are consumer friendly.



Acer and HP computers both come in very sleek and durable designs.

A standard Acer computer is designed to be sturdy despite its lightweight frame, making these devices especially convenient if you travel often.

HP devices tend to have very robust frames with bulk to match. However, they also offer many color options for their builds.

In the debate between Acer vs. HP, HP offers more color schemes with the promised durability.


What Kinds of Laptops Do They Offer?

Acer and HP offer laptops for everyday tasks and specialized niches. Either laptop brand offers very reliable, quality devices depending on what you need.

HP laptops tend to be high-performance, but can be expensive. Acer laptops are well-designed and typically cost-effective.

Do HP and Acer Have Good Gaming Laptops?

Yes, both Acer and HP offer some of the best gaming laptops around. Their laptops have high-end Intel Core processors and NVidia graphics cards that can handle the most demanding games.

Acer has its Predator line, and HP has its Omen and Victus lines. Both are equipped with beefy internal hardware, so you can run anything from Dead Cells to Atomic Heart.

If you’re looking for a new laptop, they’re pretty evenly matched in the “gaming laptop” department.

No products found.

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The HP Omen is an especially powerful laptop that can handle high-end games with its NVidia GeForce RTX 3050. This graphics card allows for better lighting effects, texture detail, and faster rendering.

The HP Omen also has a large screen for a smooth visual experience. The laptop also has a one-year part, labor, and return service.

The HP Omen range of laptops is a solid and reliable brand of gaming laptops. It also has a decent selection of USB ports, so you can connect more peripherals.


  • Very powerful
  • Plenty of storage
  • Large HD screen


  • Pricey
  • Quite bulky

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The Acer Aspire 7 is a great computer that’s designed to handle the processing speed demanded by high-end games, even when you’re on a budget.

This Acer laptop boasts an Intel Core i5 Quad-core, 8GB of RAM, and an NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti for its hardware. You’ll also find a small suite of pre-installed software, which is common with Acer devices.

The Acer Aspire range isn’t as powerful as the Omen, but they are cheap laptops you can reliably game on. Acer, in general, provides cost-effective gaming laptop builds.


  • Affordable
  • Decently powerful


  • GPU is relatively weak
  • Thicker bezels makes the display look smaller

Do HP and Acer Offer Good Budget Laptops?

Most Acer laptops are built with affordability and reliability in mind, especially when it comes to budget gaming laptops. That’s why they’ve cemented themselves as a reliable budget brand.

Because they primarily focus on quality and performance, HP does offer budget laptops, but they’re still typically pricey.

HP 14 Laptop

HP 14 Laptop

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The HP 14 Laptop is the closest the HP has to a budget laptop. The HP14 has everything its brand is known for, like high durability and performance, but in an affordably-priced package.

The laptop has a fairly powerful AMD Ryzen 3250U processor, which I’ve found great for multitasking. The keyboard is also very crisp and offers great tactile feedback.

Unfortunately, the touchpad is a bit too small for me. I recommend getting an external mouse with this laptop.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Great keyboard
  • Ideal for productivity


  • Chunky chassis
  • Small touchpad

Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3

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The Acer Swift 3 is one of the most affordable models that Acer offers. This laptop has become a mainstay because of its value and usefulness for light work.

The Swift has a very lightweight and compact design with a powerful OLED display. Its CPU can handle any productivity task, whether you’re making spreadsheets or presentations.


  • Very thin and lightweight
  • Excellent webcam
  • Quick to setup


  • Relatively weak battery life
  • Flimsy chassis

Do HP and Acer Sell Good Business Laptops?

Business laptops need to handle large amounts of data from files and heavy-duty programs, so they typically need strong processors.

All the while, these consumer laptops need to be very durable and have more configuration options.

HP Probook 430 G8

HP Probook 430 G8

Check Price on Amazon

HP’s Probook 430 G8 is one of the toughest business laptops available in the market. This model is MIL-STD-810H-certified, which is the military standard for drop tests.

This HP laptop also has Sure Sense and Sure Click technology for further privacy and security as you surf the web.

Whether you’re burning through tasks or relaxing after work, this model is very effective for multitasking.

It also has HP’s standard 1-year warranty, so you can use it without worry!


  • Very durable
  • Designed for multitasking
  • Powerful processing power


  • Very bulky

Acer TravelMate

Acer TravelMate

Check Price on Amazon

The Acer Travel Mate is designed for power users and executives looking for a sleeker and lighter business laptop, especially if they’re typically on the go.

The laptop is fairly lightweight and is equipped with a 10th-gen core i5 processor for heavy data crunching.

Unfortunately, this Acer laptop has the company’s signature thick bezels, reducing the amount of usable screen real estate.


  • Military-grade toughness
  • Long battery life
  • Very portable


  • Shallow keyboard
  • No OLED display option

Frequently Asked Questions

Although you are now more familiar with Acer and HP laptops, you may still have questions regarding either brand.

I have answered the most commonly asked questions, such as;

What Are Acer’s Best Models?

These Acer laptops are some of the best models Acer can offer;

  • Acer Chromebook: Chromebooks have a very bright display and are perfect for web surfing and social media browsing.
  • Acer Aspire series: This range of Acer models are designed to be all-purpose machines.
  • Acer Swift: These generalist devices are ideal if you don’t need a powerful device.

What Are HP’s Best Models?

These commercial HP laptops are among the best HP has in stock:

  • HP Spectre: One of the most durable models available, designed for C-suite executives.
  • HP Elitebook: A very versatile laptop that’s great for business, gaming, or general use.
  • HP Chromebook: Ideal for younger students and anyone who needs a basic laptop.

What’s the Difference Between Acer’s and HP’s Security Features?

Acer has the following security measures:

  • Fingerprint scanners: You only need fingerprints to log into your laptop
  • Trusted platform modules (TPMs): Hardware-based data-security
  • Acer ProShield software: Protection against theft, viruses, and other threats.

Whereas HP has the following security measures;

  • HP Sure Start: Hardware-based basic input/output system (BIOS) detection and repair
  • HP Sure Run: Monitors for unauthorized access
  • HP Sure Click: Malware protection when surfing the web

Both brands offer a lot of digital protection for your laptops.

HP vs. Acer: Which Is Better?

The main difference between HP and Acer is their main angle. HP focuses on performance and customization, while Acer specializes in affordability and portability.

Comparing HP to Acer may seem slightly unfair to Acer, but both brands have carved out their own unique corners in the market. Both brands have been offering high-quality laptops for decades.

Despite their varying designs and specialties, HP and Acer laptops are a safe purchase. Their products are of excellent quality regardless of the price.

Get an HP Laptop If:

  • You need superior processing power
  • You don’t mind the weight
  • You want a more customizable device

Get an Acer Laptop If:

  • You need a longer battery life
  • You want a more portable device
  • You’re on a budget

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