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page title icon How to Take a Screenshot with a HP Laptop

| Updated on July 30, 2017

HP laptop with HP logo

Being able to capture an image on your laptop’s screen while it’s up and running may be crucial in doing certain activities. For example, if your laptop seems to be dysfunctioning and prompting error commands that you aren’t familiar with, taking a screenshot of the error prompts can help you when trying to consult a technical expert.

Other uses for screenshots may include trying to demonstrate step by step processes for training purposes or elaborative reasons.

After all, a picture is worth more than a thousand words and seeing an image of a screenshot will help others instantly identify what you are trying to tell them without the need for too many words.

With the HP line of products, you will need to follow the following procedures to take a screenshot with your HP laptop:

Step 1 – There is an “Fn” key on your keyboard which you need to press and hold down securely. While keeping the “Fn” key pressed down, press the “Home Prt Sc” button which is located about the numeric keypad on the right hand side of your keyboard. This will help you capture a screenshot of the entire screen.

If you would only like to capture a screenshot of an active window, you will need to press and hold down the “Fn” key as well as the “Alt” key and then press “Home Prt Sc”.

Step 2 – Now that you have captured the screenshot, it is memorized in your laptop’s memory. What you need to do now is find a medium where you can transfer that screenshot. An application such as Microsoft Paint (which is in the Accessories tab of your Start menu).

Step 3 – Once you have opened up the Microsoft Paint application, all you will have to do is click on the “Paste” button which is located at the top left corner. The shortcut to paste an image is to press down on the “Ctrl” key and then the “V” key.

Step 4 – From here, you can crop and adjust the image to suit your needs. Once done, you should save your file by clicking on the “File” button followed by the “Save As” button. Name the file and select the location you wish to store your screenshot in. You may choose to store the file in an internal hard drive or external hard drive.

Congrats! You’ve just taken a screenshot from your HP Laptop – and stored it safely.

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