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page title icon How to Play PS4 on a Laptop Screen? HDMI and Other Tricks

| Updated on February 7, 2022

Looking for a way to connect your PS4 on your laptop? I got you covered. In this article, I’ll tell you ways to connect your console to your device, and MORE!

Have you scheduled a game night with your friends, only to find out that your TV is not working? Yup, it happens to you and me.

I’m here to tell you there’s another way: play PS4 on laptop.

You might be thinking, “How can I do that?”

This article will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know on how to play PS4 on laptop, including some other tips. Read more to find out!

How Do I Use My PS4 on a Laptop?

How Do I Use My PS4 on a Laptop?
Image feature: PlayStation; HP

There is more than one way to connect your PS4 to your laptop. We’ll simplify it using the acronym: RCP.

  • Remote play
  • Capture card
  • Playstation Now

Let’s dive deeper into the subsequent headings for each.

Method #1: Through Remote Play and USB Cable

PS Remote play

If you happen to hear them for the first time, Remote Play is a feature from Sony which enables PS4 users to connect to compatible devices.

The PS Remote Play feature is a streaming service of Sony Playstation.

Things You Will Need

To properly connect your Remote Play to your laptop screen, you will need the following:

  • PlayStation 4 Console
  • PlayStation 4 Account
  • Internet
  • USB cable
  • PC/laptop

Step by Step Guide

  1. Download remote play to your PC or laptop. You can click this link to download.
  2. Turn your console on and browse to Settings > PlayStation Network > Account Management. Enable ‘Activate as Primary PS4′.
  3. Through the System Software Update, update the console to 3.50.
  4. Go back to Settings and click ‘Remote Play Connection Settings’. Tick the option to connect Remote Play and Settings.
  5. Go to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Enable ‘Turning on PS4 from Network’. Rest Mode is usually automatically enabled. If it’s not, you can enable it.
  6. Launch the Remote Play software on your PC/laptop.
  7. Go to the Settings of your Remote Play. Adjust the FPS and resolution according to your screen’s specifications.
  8. Connect your PS4 controller to your PC/laptop using your USB port. If you want a wireless connection, hold the PlayStation and Share buttons on the controller simultaneously. When the LED/light bar starts flashing, connect to your computer through a USB cable.
  9. Open the Remote Play app on your PC/laptop and log in to your console’s credentials. And voila! You can now use your laptop as a monitor.

Method #2: Through a Video Capture Card and HDMI Cable

HDMI cable is usually used for transmitting audio and video through a single connection.

What Is a Video Capture Card?

Asus ROG Strix Scar 15

A capture card or a video card is a video game streaming device. It captures on-screen content and encodes the video for playback either for live streaming or into an HD video file. [R]

Things You Will Need

To successfully play your PS4 on laptop using a video capture card, make sure to prepare the following:

  • Video capture card
  • Dual-function HDMI cable
  • PS4 console
  • Wireless Internet connection (or Ethernet cables connected to a single router)
  • Enabled file sharing (Open Network Settings on your PS4 console)
  • PC/laptop

How Do I Enable File Sharing?

To use video capture cards and connect PS4 on a laptop, you must first enable sharing between your laptop screen and your console. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings in the PS4 menu.
  2. Once you go to Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings.
  3. Make sure your device is connected in the settings option.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Install the video capture card on your laptop using one of the USB ports.
  2. To connect the capture card to the console, use an S-Video connection cable and attach the HDMI-out port to the console and the HDMI-in to the capture card.
  3. Turn on your PS4 console and run the capture card on your PC/laptop. Now, you can see your PS4 console appearing on your laptop screen.

Method #3: Through PlayStation Now

You can think of PlayStation Now as your on-screen keyboard. It’s like having a PlayStation console without physically having a PS4 console. It’s pretty cool if you’re going to ask me.

It is a gaming subscription device that enables you to play games available on PS2 and PS3 without actually having to buy either the game or the console.

Hold your horses, though, because PlayStation Now is NOT free.

It costs about $59.99/year, which I think is fair considering that you have access to A LOT of games without having to own a console.

How Do I Get a PlayStation Now?

How to Play PS4 games on PC

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Does my laptop or my computer have the specifications needed?”

Don’t worry, as you probably do have. You won’t need to have the latest laptops or even the best high-speed internet connection out there.

These are the minimum system requirements of PlayStation Now (PS Now):

  • Windows 7,8.1, or 10
  • Intel Core i3 with 3.5GHz or AMD A10 with 3.8 GHz
  • At least 2GB RAM
  • Minimum of 300 MB Internal Storage

The next step is to subscribe to a plan for your PS Now. There are three recurring payment plans (NOTE: You can access them here):

  • $59.99/year
  • $24.99/quarter
  • $9.99/month

A credit/debit card or a PayPal account must subscribe to PS Now. After that, you can already sign in your PS Now and download it to your computer.

To install PS Now, follow these instructions:

  1. Once PS Now is downloaded, open the setup wizard and click ‘Next‘.
  2. Check the “License Agreement” and click ‘Next’.
  3. Locate where you want your files to be downloaded and click ‘Next’. Enable ‘Create a Shortcut for the Desktop’ then click ‘Next’.
  4. Install PS Now.
  5. Click Allow on the prompts that might appear asking to make changes to your drive/system.
  6. Click Install again once the install popup wizard appears for the wireless controller.
  7. Click ‘Finish’ after the installation process. You can start playing now through your PS Now!

Can I Play PS Now for Free?

Yes! Your favorite games on PS Now can be accessed from your laptop for free for 7 days. Here’s how to use your laptop as a monitor for your games FOR FREE:

  1. Go to Sony Official Website and click on the PlayStation Now link.
  2. Click ‘Buy Now’ and click ‘Sign In’.
  3. Select your date of birth, region, and language. Click ‘Submit’.
  4. Click on the ‘Start Free Trial’. Select the subscription payment that you prefer. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged yet.
  5. Select the ‘Choose a Version’ option located on the left-hand side of the page.
  6. Enter your credentials to sign in on your Sony Account.
  7. Click on the ‘Free Trial’ option again.
  8. Enter your payment details (if there isn’t yet for people who had a Sony account before) and your preferred payment method.
  9. You can go back and start playing games on your laptop.

Don’t forget to cancel your subscription before your free trial ends. You can do that by turning off ‘Auto Renew’ in the Account Management part of your Sony Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers [Q&A]

I want to ensure you have the best playing experience, so let’s tackle additional questions you might have.

Can Mac Users Play PS4 Through Remote Play?

Absolutely! The Remote Play option can be done by a Windows PC and a Mac user.

The important thing is to stay connected to a high-speed connection as Remote Play would need a high refresh rate for gamers to enjoy the full resolution of their play.

What’s the Best Laptop as a Monitor for Ps4?

The truth is, there really isn’t one. A Windows laptop would function just as well as a Mac one.

However, some new technologies usually forego the availability of an HDMI port in laptops. So, if you want to connect through HDMI, make sure your laptop has an HDMI port first.

It would also be a great idea to check your laptop’s specifications for the game you want to play, especially as some PS Vita files are heavy on the internal memory.

As long as your computer functions properly, your laptop screens will be compatible with a monitor to play PS4.

Are People Still Using the PS4?

I totally understand where you are coming from, especially since Sony’s official release of the PlayStation 5.

However, the PS5 was released in the middle of a pandemic and a global recession, which is why many people are still turning into the PS4.

No products found.

Believe me when I say that the hype is still there, and I think it will be like that for a while!

Don’t worry! You will still find a LOT of people who play PS4 with you.

Some Last Words

I hope you learned a thing or two from this article, and hopefully, you successfully connected your console to your device.

Tell me how it went, and maybe share with fellow gamers some tricks, too!

Happy playing!

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