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page title icon How to Make Any Laptop Louder (6 Quick & Easy Ways)

| Updated on February 16, 2022

Do you want to give yourself the best listening experience on your laptop? I’ve got your back because I will show you the steps on how to make your laptop louder.

Laptop speakers don’t usually output the most volume, especially if you’re buying a mid-range or budget unit, even at full volume. So how to make your laptop louder?

You can increase your laptop speaker’s output volume in many ways using both hardware and software solutions.

This article will further expound on those solutions! I’ve taken the liberty of finding some of the ways you can increase your sound output.

Boosting the Sound Output of My Laptop Speakers

I’ll give you a few simple and a little more complex solutions to your sound problem. There are hardware and software fixes for this, so I’ll give you a rundown of both.

Let’s start with a SIMPLE hardware fix!

1. New Speakers: Better Sound Quality AND Speaker Output

Getting separate computer speakers is probably the BEST and most straightforward way to solve your problem.

Not only that, it would probably have way better audio quality compared to your laptop’s tiny speakers.

You can get external speakers as cheap as 20 USD, so it would be a GOOD INVESTMENT if your low volume is bothering you.

It will also be the best option if you want to do more than listen to music, for example, if you’re a music producer.

2. Have You Checked Your Speaker Icon?

It may seem obvious, but maybe specific programs have their sound lowered in the VOLUME MIXER.

You can right-click on your sound icon and click on the volume mixer to increase the volume of the specific programs you need to.

You can also check the sound system software on your PC to tweak your audio more! To do this, click the Windows Icon, click the Setting icon, and go to the Sound portion to edit your preferences there.

3. Loudness Equalization

If you’re using Windows 11, you can use the loudness equalization. It is also present in Windows 10 devices though the process for Windows 10 laptops may differ a bit.

Loudness Equalization
  • To get to this setting, right-click on the volume icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Then, you select open sound settings.
  • You can also get to the settings by pressing the Windows logo and pressing the cog or your settings.
  • From there, you can press “system,” then select “sound,” then you’ll land in the same window.
  • Click on the “More Sound Settings” option under “Advanced.”
  • In that menu, you’ll find Sound Control Panel. For Windows 10 users, you can find the button on the right side of the window.
  • Under playback devices, double-click on your speakers and click the speaker properties button.
  • Select the enhancements tab, and from here, you can check loudness equalization. Click apply to save your new settings.

4. Use VLC Media Player

If you’re watching your media and movies locally and can’t hear because of low volume, you can get a media player who can play your videos and music to the volume level you’re comfortable with.

Enter, VLC Media Player. With VLC, you can bump up the media player volume past the maximum volume.

  • Download the latest version of the VLC media player.
  • This particular piece of software will allow you to adjust the volume up to 125%.
  • You can even further increase the volume if you go to preferences in the tools menu.
  • After that, you can press the All radio button at the bottom of the Interface Settings tab under Show settings.
  • Enter the maximum volume in the search box, then click Qt.
  • Put 300 as the Maximum volume displayed, then save your setting.

With this, you can increase volume past 125 on your VLC player.

5. Install an Audio Enhancement Software

You can try and download a sound enhancer for your Windows laptop. You can get a variety of programs on a Windows 10 PC or laptops like Fx Sound.

Audio Enhancement Software

An audio enhancement program can make various enhancements to your audio and boost your volume to boot! It can come with an equalizer that can allow you to adjust frequencies to your specific tastes.

Your Windows 10 laptops, even a PC Computer, can benefit from these programs’ audio level and audio quality adjustment features. Receive a boost to your speaker volume without blowing out your PC speaker.

6. Install a Volume Booster on Your Browser

If you don’t play your media locally, let’s say you use Netflix on your browser, then you should get a volume booster for your browser of choice. This addon can boost volume up to four times.

So if your Netflix audio volume isn’t up to par, you should try this method.

NOTE: There will be times wherein the volume on your browser can be TOO loud for certain websites. If you want to protect your eardrums, always be aware of the volume in your volume booster software!

Other Suggestions

If you can, you can CLOSE your doors and windows. But what if you’re outside? You can try to move somewhere quieter. Your laptop will sound loud by default if you don’t hear any external sounds.

If all else fails, you can always connect headphones. If you’re using closed-back headphones or in-ear earphones, you can block out external sounds and can make it feel like the sound from your laptop is louder.

If even your headphones severely lack some oomph, you may need an external headphone amplifier.

This can increase the volume on earphones if the onboard amp on your laptop isn’t cutting it.

Louder Computer Speaker For You

So let’s recap your options. You can get a few software programs like media players or a sound enhancement program. You can get a volume booster for your browser.

Fiddling with some system configurations can also get the result you are looking for. If all else fails, you can get a louder speaker for your PC or plug in a pair of headphones.

It’s UP TO YOU how you want to accomplish achieving louder sounds for your PC or laptop!

Now you know how to get a loud sound out of your Windows 10 computer. Enjoy a louder listening experience but be careful not to blow out an eardrum!

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