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page title icon 6 Tips on How to Buy The Best Gaming PC

| Updated on April 19, 2021

If you are a hardcore gamer who likes to spend day after day playing gaming blockbusters such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Call of Duty, and likes of them, then owning the ultimate gaming PC is probably on the top of your wish list.

There are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill an amazing and a seamless gaming experience.  Simply relying on a high-speed internet connection such as that by Mediacom internet isn’t going to do you any good; you need to have a good gaming PC as well. 

When you are on the mission to purchase your very own gaming PC, there are a couple of things you need to consider. You have to keep in mind certain factors such as hardware compatibility, size, performance, and any other thing that it impacts your gaming experience. 

How To Buy a Gaming PC

So, without further ado, let us look at some of the things you should or should not do when buying or building your own gaming PC.

how to buy a gaming pc

DO Focus on the Processor

The most important factor that makes the most difference in  the performance is the processor. It is the core component that you need to be concerned about the most. It is the first step in building your PC and all the components that you add will depend on the type of processor you get.

Processors range from 2 cores to a maximum of 16 cores. However, if you are building a gaming PC, 2 cores won’t do you any good. You need to go for at least 4 cores and if you are not tight on your budget then opting for 16 cores is obviously better.

Don’t Waste Money on Unnecessary RAM

You may be tempted to get as much RAM as possible. However, getting more than 16 GB of RAM is like throwing your money down the drain.  Even the most extravagant of games can perform flawlessly with the support of 16 GB of RAM. To make a more informed decision, look at some of the RAM requirements of a few of the popular PC games.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Minimum Required 8 GB, Recommended 16 GB

Far Cry 5 – Minimum Required 8 GB, Recommended 16 GB

Overwatch — Minimum Required 4 GB, Recommended 6 GB

PUBG – Minimum Required 8 GB, Recommended 16 GB

Fortnite – Minimum Required 8 GB, Recommended 16 GB

DO Go for a Solid State Drive

Spending on 1 TB or 2 TB hard drives may be a waste of money. You may have a lot of extra space, but it will be not as fast as a Solid State Drive. Solid State Drives perform way better and are significantly cheaper as well.

A Solid State Drive is faster than a traditional hard drive, something which matters a lot when you are running heavy games like Dota2 PUBG, or any other similar game. Even a 512 GB Solid State Drive will work way better for you than a 1 TB hard drive since it would load your system and games inside it relatively faster.

Don’t Cheap Out on the Power Supply

Even if you have the best motherboard, GPU, and processor, all of them will be completely useless without a power supply. A power supply brings life to your beautiful gaming beast. Hence, it is crucial that you do not compromise on the quality of the power supply no matter what when you are looking to buy a gaming pc.

A low-quality power supply does not only affect the performance of your hardware, but there is also a pretty high risk of it catching on fire if you have made too big of a compromise on the quality. So, the thing to remember is, never cheap out on the power supply.

Do Prioritize Your GPU

In some cases, seeing really is believing. When you are playing your favorite games, the experience of your virtual journey becomes all the more immersive and engaging when you have eye-capturing and truly high definition graphics to help portray it.

As a gamer, you should put considerable thought into your GPU when building or buying a gaming PC. This particular component in your system contributes to the frame rate, resolution, and finesse of the picture.

Don’t Buy a PC because It Looks Cool

how to buy a gaming computer

There will be many times in your gaming life when you will be tempted to change your current gaming PC for the latest model in the market. It may have the coolest looking design and may seem like it will perform unlike any other PC, but the reality can be pretty disappointing most of the time.

Rather than getting enticed by the exterior glamour of the PC, pay more attention to the inner components. You might even have a way better GPU, processor, and motherboard in your system. Just because it has been over a year since you bought it, it doesn’t mean that the new kid on the block will out perform it.

Last Suggestions on How To Buy a Gaming PC

Investing in a gaming PC is a sincere and a serious commitment for many gamers. Whether you have been gaming for decades or have just started today, it is highly necessary to know what and where you are actually spending money on when building your PC. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough tips to help you make an informed decision.

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