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Despite the brilliant aesthetics many laptops are designed with these days, many of them hide their model number so cleverly.

Sure, you may have figured out by now whether your laptop is a Dell, HP, Sony, or whatever other brand you may have purchased, but to truly be able to activate all the possible functions your laptop can offer, you really need to know what kind of laptop you have – model and all.

Each model may offer features that others do not which is important information when trying to troubleshoot your laptop or when seeking assistance from one of those tech geniuses over the phone.

Some laptops require the removal of a small plate cover at the base of the laptop. Others may need you to remove the entire bottom cover of the laptop. Trying to find out what kind of laptop you have may require some exploration and digging around.

However, to really make things easier (instead of doing it the manually hard labor way), you can just simply go to the Control Panel to find your laptop’s model and other product numbers.

Step 1 – Open up the Start Menu and go to the Control Panel

Step 2 – Click on “System and Security

Step 3 – Click on the “Systems” tab. This will open up a new window which will list your version of Windows. After this initial information, you should be able to see your laptop’s model number.

And there you have it, you finally know what your laptop’s model and make is!

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