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page title icon How to Find Out if My Laptop Has Bluetooth?

| Updated on August 1, 2017

Bluetooth Logo

Although the majority of laptops now come with a Bluetooth hardware already installed within it (plus the little bluetooth icon displayed at either above or below the keyboard), there are plenty of laptops out there that do not show any visible signs of any Bluetooth hardware.

To find out how to determine whether your laptop has the bluetooth functionality, follow the steps below.


  • Open up the Device Manager application.This will help you identify whether there is any Bluetooth hardware in your laptop’s system. The Device Manager application provides a list of all the hardware stored in your computer. Sift through the list to find out whether there is any Bluetooth hardware installed.

Each Windows version has its own accessibility route to the Device Manager application. Accordingly, we have listed them out below:

    • Windows 8 – Press the “Win” key and the “X” key and select on the Device Manager application tab
    • Windows 7 and Windows Vista – Open up the Start menu and type “Device Manager” into the search bar. Select the application from the search results found.
    • Windows XP – Open up the Start menu and select My Computer. Click on the Properties tab followed by the Hardware tab. You will see a Device Manager button which you can then click.
  • If you have a Bluetooth icon in your Systems Tray, you already have the Bluetooth hardware in your laptop.


Lucky for you, most Mac’s already come with the Bluetooth hardware installed. Normally, you will see the Bluetooth logo at the top right corner of your screen (where the battery bar is). However, if you don’t see the Bluetooth logo there, there are ways to find out whether the Bluetooth hardware is installed and functioning.

First thing first, open up the “About the Mac” tab by clicking on the Apple menu. Click on the “More Info” button which will open up to a new window displaying all the installed hardware on your Mac. You can expand this list to find the Bluetooth hardware.

Alternatively, you can also find out whether you have Bluetooth by using System Preferences under “Hardware” or “Internet & Wireless” tabs.

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