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page title icon Do Laptop Cooling Pads Really Work (For Gaming or Video Editing)?

| Updated on January 7, 2022

Are you wondering if laptop cooling pads really work? Read this article to find out!

In an age where I use my laptop almost the whole day, I find it hard to prevent it from overheating.

The same applies to laptops that require high graphics and a lot of processor power, such as gaming laptops, it’s inevitable that they would become so hot.

I wrote this article to save you the time and stress of researching laptop cooling pads. Let’s dive right in!

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Short answer: YES, they do! Let me explain how they work and how a laptop cooling pad helps your laptop in the long run.

A laptop cooling pad is a platform that assists in cooling the laptop down during high-use periods.

A laptop cooling system would vary from one cooling pad to another. Some cooling pads would only bring down the temperature by a few degrees, while some can drop them significantly.

Regardless of how much temperature they drop, it is proven that laptop coolers DEFINITELY work.

How Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Complex processes involved in applications or gaming could cause the laptop to get hot. This can be exacerbated if your laptop’s location does not get some airflow.

There are two ways in which cooling pads work: active and passive cooling support.

Let me tell you all about them.

The active cooling pads have those built-in fans to provide cooling. These fans in the cooling pad regulate the temperature underneath, so the laptop does not overheat.

On the other hand,  the goal of passive cooling pads is to move air away from the laptop or to use thermally conductive materials to protect the device from getting alarmingly hot.

A passive laptop cooling pad does not have cooling fans or other moving parts.

Unlike an active laptop cooling pad, the passive ones elevate the laptop to have better airflow underneath.

Should I Get a Laptop Cooling Pad?

TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad


Here’s what I’m going to tell you: laptop cooling pads are not an accessory anymore. Instead, they are SUPER necessary to maintain the health of your laptop.

You’re probably going to ask why, so let me tell you the ADVANTAGES of having a laptop cooler for your device.

#1 Regulating Your Laptop’s Temperature

There is a healthy operating temperature for every laptop.

Most laptops can regulate the internal heat through air vents and fans, but some laptop designs need help, such as gaming laptops.

A good cooling pad will reduce the temperature by 13 degrees, if not more. Laptops operating on heavy graphics and at full speed would need laptop coolers.

A hot laptop does not do anybody good. If you like working with a laptop on your lap, studies have shown that a lot of prolonged heat can cause male infertility. [R]

Aside from that, using a laptop at very high temperatures can cause a faster hardware decline, especially to your video cards, motherboards, memory modules, and hard drives. [R]

Not to mention that without laptop cooling, your device runs the risk of a decreased lifespan. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to buy a new laptop every year.

Let’s not even start with faulty laptops burning down houses. Totally yikes. So, if you use an older laptop that is prone to overheating, consider using a laptop cooling pad, okay?

#2 Your Physical Comfort

Aside from the health of your laptop, your health as a user is essential too, if not more. Indeed, no one would want a scalding-hot laptop on top of their lap.

It’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world, and I want you to be able to focus on what you’re doing.

A cooling pad ensures that a laptop’s temperatures remain optimal and regulates the temperature in your workplace.

In addition, a passive cooler that elevates your laptop can also reduce neck strain while providing a more stable surface for you to work on.

#3 Ease-of-Use

Laptop cooling pads would not even require a manual for you to know how to use one.

An active cooling pad would only need you to raise your laptop to put it underneath. Generally, they are powered through USB cables so you can plug them into one of your laptop’s USB ports.

You usually won’t need to have your passive cooling pad turned on. Why? Because it does not require any electricity to work.

Usually, this type of cooling pad uses organic salt compounds and other materials to prevent overheating.

So all you have to do is insert the pad on the bottom of your laptop.

#4 Better Performance

Cooler Master NotePal X3

If you are someone who enjoys playing high-definition games, you’d definitely appreciate laptop cooling pads.

I mean, who would want a gaming laptop that lags?

Powerful workstation laptops have a powerful CPU behind them and many fans inside. Cooling fans are necessary for your laptop to maintain its performance, especially for gaming needs.

Believe it or not, laptop cooling pads are responsible for a slight boost in your laptop’s speed.

Laptop cooling improves your speed by about 2%, giving you faster frame rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before I wrap up this article, let’s go over some questions you might have to ensure you don’t run into problems with your laptop and cooling pad.

Can My Laptop Cool on Its Own?

Of course!

Laptops are designed to support their own processes—however, laptops start having heating problems because the components are stuffed into a smaller body.

Laptop cooling pads will do you a whole LOT of good, especially if GPU temperatures do not improve regardless of how many fans are inside a labor-intensive laptop.

However, if you still want to find out if your laptop can be independent, then one of the easiest ways to do this is to remove the battery while you use your laptop.

This would mean that your laptop would only have a power source from the power cord, so be careful of accidentally unplugging it for your laptop to stay on.

Another way for you to ensure cooling is to remove the mechanical hard drive of your laptop since it also contributes to additional heat.

Remember, overheating can cause thermal throttling or reduce your laptop’s performance to stay cool.

If this happens, you can’t make the most out of your powerful hardware or graphics card.

You can always apply a thermal paste, but is it worth the hassle of just buying a laptop cooling pad? Laptop cooling pads all the way!

Should I Use an Active Cooling Pad or a Passive One?

This depends on the design of your laptop. BOTH cooling pads work differently, so you need to consider that as well.

To choose which one is BEST for your laptop, I recommend you check the bottom to ensure there are no air or fan vents.

If your laptop has fan vents on the bottom, go for an active pad instead. This is because it won’t block the airflow needed.

KEROLFFU Laptop Cooling Pad

If your laptop does NOT have any fan vents on the bottom, feel free to try out a passive pad. These cooling pads work the same as your CPU heat sink or an exchanger by radiating hot air away from your laptop.

It’s also a good option if you don’t like a large fan with a lot of potential fan noise. Some passive ones have adjustable height while dropping the temperature by several degrees.

Most laptop coolers make use of fans with USB hubs. These have different noise levels, so make sure to ask this before proceeding with your purchase.

If this is your choice of a laptop cooler, that can also offer additional USB ports for you, and some laptop cooling has options for fan speeds.

Are Laptop Cooling Pads Worth Buying?

The simple fact that laptop cooling pads work already makes them worth buying unless you prefer applying thermal paste to your CPU.

Laptops with a laptop cooling pad have a low risk of overheating, and I think that is already a win in itself.

A laptop cooling pad ensures SUFFICIENT cool air inside the laptop and in your workplace too. Doesn’t that already make it worth it in the first place?

Can I Measure Hardware Temperature?

Yes! If you want to make sure your hardware is functioning at optimal temperature, there is a free tool called Speccy, which works on both Windows PC and a gaming laptop.

Some Final Thoughts

Laptop cooling pads come in all varieties, but they ALL have one thing in common: THEY WORK. With a laptop cooling pad, work becomes seamless and more productive.

PLUS, laptop cooling pads provide cool air.

Let us know your thoughts/comments below!

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