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page title icon Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards 2024

| Updated on March 24, 2022

The popularity of mechanical keyboards has exploded over the last few years as an increasing number of people look to upgrade their keyboard experience. Despite their significantly higher price tag, it makes sense to spend a little extra on something you’ll use for hours each day.

When typing for extended periods of time, mechanical keyboards cut down on hand strain and allow for faster typing.

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  • Compact design, tenkeyless mini keyboard, save the space, easy to carry away
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and USB wired connection, rechargeable battery lasting 20 hours
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In addition to the benefits while typing, many avid and casual gamers turn to mechanical keyboards for the increased feedback when pressing keys and the added comfort during long gaming sessions.

However, some users who are willing to say goodbye to their old membrane keyboard may not want to sacrifice the wireless capabilities of their current keyboard, as most mechanical keyboards require a wired connection.

We looked at the wireless mechanical keyboards currently on the market and picked out the five that are the best for users who want the Mechanical Keyboard experience with added wireless functionality.

How we chose the best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

We began our search by narrowing our focus to only include wireless keyboards. Since, most mechanical boards require a wired connection we were able to hone our focus onto a niche group of keyboards.

We’ve looked through numerous keyboards that are sure to combine the benefits of mechanical keyboards with the ease of use of a wireless keyboard. When considering which keyboards were the best, we considered the following features:

  • Types and Quality of Switches
  • Ergonomics
  • Size and Form Factor
  • Connection Options

We determined this final list by pouring over user reviews and performing extensive research on each keyboard we found. We tailored our list to the keyboards that will give you the best all-around experience.
When narrowing down to five keyboards we compared every nuance of the boards and weighed the various categories accordingly.

The five best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Here’s a list of the five best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards:

The most important consideration when choosing the best Keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, nothing is more important than the switches.

We prioritized keyboards that let you choose which type of switch you want, so that your experience could be tailored to your wants and needs.

From the tactile click of the blues to the smoothness of the linear reds, we wanted to provide you with as many choices as you needed to get the best experience possible.

If you’re not sure what switch is best for you, you can order a Switch Tester from Amazon, or try out some mechanical switches at your local computer hardware store.

In addition to types of switches, we also paid attention to keyboards that used the highest quality Cherry MX switches, while also considering the savings provided from other switch manufacturers.

The quality and longevity of a switch is paramount to your typing experience as well. A good mechanical switch will feel just as good as the first time you used it even after millions of key presses.

These criteria helped us to make a fully informed comparison of each device, and allowed us to decide which keyboards should be included in our list.

Other considerations when choosing the best Keyboard


Proper ergonomics on a keyboard will keep you comfortable through hours of typing. A wrist wrest can help reduce strain on your wrist, but we also considered that smaller keyboards may allow you to place them in a more comfortable location.

Regardless, each of the keyboards featured here will help reduce hand strain compared to a membrane keyboard.

Size and form factor

Mechanical Keyboards come in a variety of sizes, including full size that have a number pad and tenkeyless that cut down on keyboard size.

We took into account the benefits provided by each size of keyboard as it relates to ergonomics and portability while compiling this list.

Backlighting Options

Whether you’re typing after dark, or just like to see your keycaps more clearly, many people like backlighting on their keyboards.

We looked at wireless keyboards that do include standard backlighting, but gave extra weight to those that included RGB customization to help you personalize your new keyboard.

Connection Options

While all the keyboards featured here are wireless, we paid attention to the keyboards that offer the latest in wireless standards, and that make connecting to a plethora of devices simple.

The keyboards we reviewed supported different wireless standards, such as Bluetooth and a micro usb adapter. We weighed these alternatives heavily when making our decision.

We also took note of keyboards that offered a wired solution in addition to the wireless connectivity.

Keyboards that included the wired option received extra points from us, as they allow for situational choices on the part of the user.

The best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Drevo Calibur Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Our top pick for best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is the DREVO Calibur. The Drevo offers the widest variety of features of any keyboard we reviewed, and is extremely affordable.

Starting with the switches underneath each keycap, the Drevo gives you the option of choosing between the four most popular switch types: Blue, Brown, Black, and Red. These switches are rated for up to 50 million key presses, which is about ten times longer than a membrane keyboard.

The keycaps on the Drevo are of high quality, PBT construction that will help them stay clean despite constant use.

Even though it doesn’t include a wrist wrest the Drevo offers a variety of switch types allowing you to choose the experience most comfortable for you.

The small form factor of the Drevo also cuts down on arm strain while gaming that can arise as a result of having your arms too far apart while using the keyboard and mouse simultaneously.

The size of the Drevo makes it the perfect keyboard to pick up and take between rooms, or between your house and the office. Its unobtrusive size will give you plenty of extra room on your desk, while giving you the full benefits of a mechanical keyboard.

While it does lack a number pad, the Drevo still includes a full-size number pad and the insert, delete, home, end, page up, and page down keys (a feature that is often missing on keyboards with smaller form factors).

The Drevo comes equipped with full RGB backlighting. On-keyboard commands allow you to choose between lighting modes such as ripple, wave, breathing and reactive mode.

The Calibur comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for increased power efficiency and improved connection times.

The Drevo also comes with the option to plug in a micro-usb cable for when you don’t want to worry about running down your battery when you know you’ll be staying put for hours.

The Drevo is an all-around solid keyboard with high build quality, customization, personalization, and an affordable price.

For these reasons, it tops our list of the best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards.

DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit...
  • Compact design, tenkeyless mini keyboard, save the space, easy to carry away
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and USB wired connection, rechargeable battery lasting 20 hours
  • Customizable RGB LED lights with 7 colors, 7 preset lighting effects for your...

The four other keyboards we tested

USA Majestouch Minila Air

USA Majestouch Minila Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Majestouch is a keyboard for those who want the typing perks of a mechanical board without the flashy lights and complicated designs.

This Majestouch board is available with Brown, Black, and Blue switches.

These options make the Majestouch the perfect keyboard for users who want feedback while they type, and allows you to customize how loud or strong you want that feedback to be depending on switch type.

This keyboard uses the highest quality Cherry MX switches, giving it longevity and quality you can count on.

Much like the Drevo, the Majestouch does not include a wrist wrest, but it’s small ergonomic size allows it to be placed nearly anywhere, and the brown and blue switches are perfect for people who are worried about hand strain.

The Majestouch features an even smaller form factor than the Drevo, making it perfect for travel and daily routine moving.

However, if you’re the type of person who is looking for flashy RGB effect, or even a simple backlight, the Majestouch is not for you as it features no backlight whatsoever, and instead opts for a simpler design.

The Majestouch features Bluetooth connectivity, but does not include a wired option to save size.

While it may not turn any heads, the Majestouch offers a wide variety of high-quality switches in the perfect form factor for travel or daily use.

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Azio MK Mac

Azio MK Mac Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Azio MK Mac wireless keyboard features an aluminum faceplate and a standard design meant to put your typing experience at the forefront.

Unfortunately, the Azio offers only Kailh Brown switches.

Kailh switches operate the same as the higher priced Cherry MX switches, however many users report that they are not of the same quality standards at the Cherry switches.

As far as ergonomics go you cannot go wrong with this Azio board as it features a wrist wrest for added comfort.

While the wrist wrest does offer plenty of comfort, it is not removable which makes the board harder to move and find room for.

The Azio is a much larger keyboard than the previous two mentioned on the list as it goes the extra mile to include a full number pad and function keys.

In addition to the extra keys, the Azio includes a volume wheel and a mute button/

The design itself is meant to blend in with an all-Apple setup, but it will compliment any PC setup you may have.

The Azio does cut some corners to provide the added comfort and design, as it does not feature any form of backlight.

The Azio features wireless Bluetooth only, but a major selling point is its inclusion of a usb-C port for charging.

The comfort and ergonomic design, coupled with the USB-C port and other added functionality land the Azio on our list, however we did subtract points for the lack of options when it comes to choosing switches.

Azio Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard for...
  • Mac layout and function keys
  • Sleek aluminum faceplate
  • Full mechanical keys

XArmor U9W Nano

XArmor U9W Nano Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The XArmor U9W Nano keyboard has some striking similarities to the Azio board, however it does have some differences that caused it to be rated slightly lower than the Azio, while still making our list.

The XArmor features only Brown switches, however they are Cherry MX switches, giving the board increased longevity over similar boards with switches of lower quality.

The XArmor includes a removable wrist rest allowing you to customize the keyboard for either travel or home use depending on your needs.

This board includes a full number pad, but has no other design features.

The XArmor board also does not include any form of backlighting or RGB support, which may lead some to find the design bland as it does resemble a standard membrane keyboard in design.

The U9W connects to your computer through a USB receiver that provides a range of 15 feet, while also providing a wired option.

The XArmor did receive points for its smart power saving function and its high-quality switches.

If you’re looking for a high-quality experience with a standard design, then the XArmor may be the perfect keyboard for you.

XArmor U9W Nano USB RF 2.4 GHz Wireless...
  • Cherry MX brown mechanical key switches - Laser etched key
  • 15 feet wireless range 2.4 GHz two-way RF wireless technology.
  • Smart power saving function - USB power cord for low / no battery operation

LinDon-Tech Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

LinDon Tech Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The LinDown Tech board comes with clicky blue Kailh switches.

While blue switches are among the most popular, we subtracted points for the lack of choices on this board and their choice to go with Kailh switches over Cherry MX.

This board doesn’t have any added ergonomic support, but its small size allows you to place it virtually anywhere.

Like other keyboards we reviewed the LinDon comes in an extra small form factor lacking a number pad or arrow keys.

The LinDon board does not have any full RGB effects, however each row of keys sports a different color giving it a unique look.

This compromise was made to save battery life while still enabling you to type in low light situations.

You’ll use Bluetooth to connect the LinDon Keyboard to your computer or other device, but you can always connect it using a micro usb cable to recharge the batteries.

The LinDon offers a simple design that doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it passes the benefits of this along to the consumer as it will give you ten hours of uninterrupted typing, or 360 hours of standby, on one charge.

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The Bottom Line

A good mechanical keyboard is an investment that will stay with you for years, and each of the keyboards we’ve highlighted here provide top quality and features that are sure to last you for years to come.

Our top pick was the Drevo Calibur because it provided the best variety of switches, along with an excellent form factor and lighting effects that will truly make you feel like you upgraded your work or game station.

However, each of the boards we showcased here are top quality keyboards that each bring something slightly different to the table to provide you with the best keyboard experience of your life.

DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit...
  • Compact design, tenkeyless mini keyboard, save the space, easy to carry away
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and USB wired connection, rechargeable battery lasting 20 hours
  • Customizable RGB LED lights with 7 colors, 7 preset lighting effects for your...

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