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page title icon Best Racing Wheel for PC / PS4 / Xbox One 2020

| Updated on March 1, 2020

With the rise of racing simulator games in recent times, choosing the best racing wheel has never been more important.

For the car sim enthusiast, there is no other way to play than with a proper racing wheel with force feedback, solid pedals and a quality shifter.

There is a number of factors to look out for when trying to choose a wheel that is right for you, which is why we’ve put in the hard yards to find the best steering wheels currently on the market.

Read on to find out our top picks.

Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel (PS4,...
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How we chose the best racing wheel

Being a long-standing car sim veteran myself (playing everything from colin mcrae rally, to grand prix and assetto corsa as well as everything in between) I feel like i’m adequately positioned to provide my opinion and expertise in this area.

I also combined my opinion with hundreds of amazon reviews, forum comments and youtube videos to come to a final decision on what the best gaming wheels really are.

  • Build Quality
  • Force Feedback
  • Price
  • Compatibility
  • Noise
  • The four best racing wheels

    Here’s a list of the four best racing wheels:

    The most important consideration when choosing the best racing wheel

    Perhaps the most critical factor when buying a racing wheel is the build quality. Having a wheel that is made from quality materials can completely change your experience from bad to great.

    The best steering wheels can give you an incredible sense of realism and authenticity, exactly what you want from a racing sim.

    Not only is build quality important for realism, but longevity too. Spending more upfront for a wheel that is made from good components is going to last for years and end up saving you money over time.

    As always, there is a fine balance between price v quality. Middle-upper tier racing wheels will have metal pedals instead of plastic, force feedback etc. which will improve your experience tremendously.

    Other considerations when choosing the best racing wheel

    Force Feedback

    Force Feedback is the turning and shaking that the wheel provides to simulate real bumps in the road, loss of traction etc. The best gaming wheels all have force feedback as it’s such a crucial part of simulating a real life driving experience.

    If you don’t get a wheel that has force feedback, you will struggle in any real physics-heavy games. It seriously makes such a huge difference that I wouldn’t personally even bother buying a wheel without it.

    Instead of buying a cheaper wheel, save up a bit longer instead and get a quality one with force feedback. You won’t regret it.


    Like with most purchases, price was a key factor in determining which racing wheels to suggest and not suggest.

    There are plenty of great racing wheels in the mid price range and any which were excessively expensive or ultra cheap weren’t suggested in this guide.


    Having full compatibility with your platform of choice is a crucial requirement when choosing to buy a wheel.

    What’s the point of buying a racing wheel for your PS4 if you can only play 2 different games with it? We made sure that the wheels we suggest for each platform are completely compatible with every game so you never have an issue.

    Some wheels are also cross-compatible too, meaning they might work across PC/PS4 or PS4 and Xbox One etc.


    One of the biggest complaints about racing wheels is how much noise some of them produce. A sure fire way to ruin your immersion in the game is to have squeaky pedals or a loud wheel.

    There are some tips and tricks to reducing noise, but we’ve tried to choose wheels that are quieter than most and outline if they are a bit noisier than we’d like.

    Something as simple as a piece of carpet underneath the pedals or a rubber band can make a massive difference in noise reduction and is really simple to do.

    The best racing wheel for PC and PS4 / 3

    Thrustmaster T300RS Racing WheelOur #1 pick is the Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel which is compatible with PC / PS4 / PS3. In the sub $400 price range, this is the best pc steering wheel that you are going to find.

    The T300RS wheel can be rotated 1080 degrees (the most of any wheel) and features smooth and seamless force feedback delivered via an industrial-class brushless motor. It’s 11” in diameter and features brushed metal central spokes.

    On the wheel you will find 2 five inch paddle shifters, used to shift gears. A purist might prefer to have a separate shifter however, and you’ll be pleased to know that the T300RS is compatible with many official and 3rd-party accessories.

    Fully adjustable metal pedals with height and spacing for 6 different positions and progressive resistance are included. Whilst there is better pedals out there, the pedals are made from metal instead of plastic so the build quality is pretty good.

    If you plan to add a mount/stand or any accessories, you’re in luck. The T300RS has a robust and versatile attachment system, compatible with all mounts.

    For those that are content with a chill driving session whilst laying back on the couch, you’ll be pleased to know that the wheel is fully detachable.

    The T300GS has a pretty great stock rim and there is a fair few swappable rims available on the market. It’s compatible with an external shifter, however it doesn’t come with shift lights.

    A few people have complained that their wheels have stopped working within a year of using it, they do seem a little hit and miss but as long as you buy new from a store, you’ll be covered with warranty in the event of any accidents.

    Whilst this is a great option for PC, the T300RS is also fully compatible and licensed for PS4 and PS3, meaning it’ll work with all games and includes official PlayStation share and options buttons. This makes it one of the best ps4 racing wheels on the market.

    In the event that the wheel software gets updated, the firmware is upgradeable and the wheel does have some internal storage.

    Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel (PS4,...
    • Official Licensed PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 High-End Racing Simulator; 1080...
    • Official licensed PS4 / PS3 with automatic recognition by the PS4 system;...
    • Robust and versatile attachment system; Compatible with all mounts...

    Another great racing wheel for PC and PS4 / 3

    Logitech G29 Racing WheelAnother solid and slightly more budget option is the Logitech G29 racing wheel and shifter bundle. Logitech have long been known for making quality peripherals and the G29 is no different.

    The G29 has dual-motor force feedback with 900 degrees of rotation for a realistic simulation of a racing experience.

    The wheel is solid and leather wrapped for comfort and grip. Included are two paddle shifters if you are inclined to use them and the wheel is made with solid steel ball bearings to last.

    If you’re using the G29 for your PS4/3 you’ll like the included D-pad, console buttons and LED indicator lights.

    For the pedal set, you get a set of 3 pedals that feel nice to the touch but also come across as a bit plasticky and cheap.

    If you choose to go with the shifter bundle and get the included Logitech G Driving Force Shifter then you won’t need to use the paddles on the wheel.

    The shifter is a six-speed shifter with a push-down reverse and a “H” patterned gearbox. It is a short shifter that is covered in hand-stitched leather and knob cover. Mounting the shifter is easy with the built-in clamps.

    Overall, the G29 doesn’t feel as good as the T300RS to drive, but is also a fair bit cheaper, even when you include the additional shifter. Ultimately your budget is going to decide which one is for you.

    Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel +...
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    • Racing Wheel: Built to last: Durable solid steel ball bearings, stainless steel...

    The best racing wheel for Xbox One

    Thrustmaster TX Racing WheelSurprisingly, there isn’t many racing wheels that are compatible with the Xbox One. Fortunately, a lack of choice doesn’t mean that there isn’t good ones available.

    Our pick is the Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition. The TX has 900 degree smooth force feedback that makes you feel like you’re on the road experiencing every bump you go over.

    The 11” wheel itself is beautiful, completely wrapped in hand-stitched leather that is incredible to hold onto and very comfortable. On the wheel is an Xbox Guide button as well as controller pairing for your Kinect.

    For those that enjoy paddle-shifting, the TX has two metal paddles that can be used to shift gears, as well as six action buttons and a multi-directional d-pad. This wheel is also compatible with PC.

    If you plan to add shifters or mounts, the Thrustmaster TX is compatible with all desks and tables with its metal central attachment system.

    Included is a 3-pedal set that is fully adjustable with progressive resistance. The pedals are 100% metal and have a conical rubber brake mod to select the amount of progressive resistance that you want.

    Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) aims to provide extreme precision so that your steering inputs are accurately reflected in the game.

    Ultimately, this is a great wheel that is well-made, comfortable and responsive. The pedals leave a little to be desired and there is no shifter included, but the attachment system means you can upgrade those parts if you wish. With this in mind, we would say that this is the best Xbox One racing wheel.

    Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition (XBOX...
    • Thrustmaster is offering, in a single, limited edition package, a set of...
    • Works on Xbox Series X
    • Hand-stitched leather wheel: Detachable / 11"/28 centimeter in diameter,...

    Other great racing wheels for Xbox One

    Thrustmaster TMX Racing WheelAs a more budget conscious pick, you can’t go past the Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel, compatible with both Xbox One and Windows.

    The TMX has a realistic 11” wheel with an ergonomic design that is suitable for all racing sim games. From the perspective of build quality, the TMX does feel good, despite the fact that it’s made primarily of plastic and rubber.

    Despite being a budget choice, the TMX still comes with 900 degree force feedback and uses a mixed belt-pulley and gears system to deliver smooth, precise sensation. Two 100% metal paddle shifters are available if you aren’t intending to buy a shifter separately.

    As the wheel has official embedded software, it’s automatically recognized by the Xbox One and fully compatible with all the menus, games etc. Included on the wheel are an Xbox Guide button, View and Menu buttons and various other buttons.

    The TMX has a wide, two pedal set with three different levels of inclination adjustment for your comfort. Unfortunately the pedals are plastic instead of metal, but additional pedals can be bought and exchanged if you wish.

    For mounting, the TMX can be mounted onto a desk or a racing seat and the wheel isn’t detachable.

    Overall, as a budget option the TMX is a great entry-level choice. Additionally, the cost saved can be put towards buying a shifter if you prefer to use one.

    THRUSTMASTER TMX Force Feedback Racing...
    • Works on Xbox Series X
    • Realistic wheel: wheel rim is 11 inches / 28 cm in diameter, with an ergonomic...
    • Up to 900° wheel rotation, for optimal racing precision

    The bottom line

    Here we looked at both an expensive option and a budget option for all the different platforms. Which one you choose is going to depend on your price range and your personal preferences.

    The Thrustmaster T300RS is widely considered to be the best overall wheel on multiple sites and reviews and we agree wholeheartedly. If you get a good wheel, you won’t be disappointed with the level of immersion it can provide in a racing sim.

    Furthermore, before buying a wheel and racing sim, ensure that you have a pc or gaming laptop capable of running the game at a solid FPS.

    Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel (PS4,...
    • Official Licensed PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 High-End Racing Simulator; 1080...
    • Official licensed PS4 / PS3 with automatic recognition by the PS4 system;...
    • Robust and versatile attachment system; Compatible with all mounts...

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