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page title icon The Best Laptop Bags for Men in 2024

| Updated on March 24, 2022

The most common motivation for getting a laptop is the need for mobility. There is a growing number of people who find that work or studies often takes them out into the world on a regular basis.

Laptop manufacturers have met this challenge of providing highly portable laptops with a wide range of laptops to suit a variety of needs and requirements.

However, with all this portability comes the need to protect your laptop. Laptops and other electronics are crammed full of sensitive, fragile, and expensive components.

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These components generally do not react well to shocks and vibrations. They like water even less. A proper laptop bag is an important accessory in ensuring a laptop lives a suitably long life.

We have looked at some of the most popular men’s laptop bags out there and have come up with our list of Top Five Best Laptop Bags for Men.

We then took that Top Five and compared them against our list of considerations to find the best men’s laptop bag.

How we chose the best laptop bag for men

There are a lot of laptop bags out there. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and designed to fit laptops as small as 11” to as large as 20”.

They are made for people that prefer backpacks as well as those who prefer messenger bags.

There are laptop bags made for professionals and there are bags for students to tote around hefty textbooks with their laptops.

It was a tough job reviewing our list of considerations, but we managed to boil it down to these top five features.

  • Padding
  • Water resistance
  • Pockets and compartments
  • Additional functionality and utility
  • Design

These considerations were chosen bearing in mind that the main purpose of a laptop bag is to properly house and protect a laptop. A good laptop bag should also be able to easily carry around other items besides the laptop with easy and comfort.

The five best laptop bags for men

The most important consideration when choosing the best laptop bag for men

Padding was the most obvious and practical choice for the most important consideration in selecting the best laptop bag.

Without a padded component, a bag should not even be considered as a laptop bag; although, it is much too easy to find wrongly-marketed laptop bags that are missing this crucial feature.

Some people prefer to fold their laptop into a laptop sleeve before putting it into a non-padded bag. Unfortunately, most laptop sleeves only have minimal padding and do not provide much protection for the laptop.

Laptop sleeves are only meant to protect the laptop’s casing from superficial scratches.

Most laptop bags easily provide several times more padding for a laptop. When it comes to keeping your electronic devices safe from shocks and vibrations, a laptop bag always trumps a laptop sleeve.

The laptop inside needs to withstand sudden shocks that inevitably arise as a bag is put down or if the bag is accidentally knocked about while being carried.

A good laptop bag must also provide thick padding not just on the bottom of the bag but on each side as well. Besides offering protection from being jostled about from the outside, the laptop also needs to be protected from other items in the bag itself.

Laptop bags are often used to carry more than just a laptop. Therefore, the laptop needs to be protected from being knocked or scratched by other the items it is sharing its space with.

Other considerations when choosing the best laptop bag for men

Water resistance

Laptop bags are rarely used just to carry a laptop from one part of a building to another. They are used to carry laptops to another outside destination altogether. This means that the bag (as well as the laptop within) is vulnerable to less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Getting caught in a sudden rain shower can put a damper on anyone’s day. Imagine how much worse that day would get if the rain caused a laptop to get waterlogged and possibly fry its circuits.

A good laptop bag should have at least some level of water resistance in order to provide time to seek proper shelter without instant ruination befalling upon the electronics inside.

Pockets and compartments

Additional pockets and compartments are an important feature when it comes to laptop bags. All good laptop bags provide a couple other compartments for people to slip in other electronics, papers, documents, books or pens.

It has also become increasingly common for people to tack on peripherals to their laptops. Seeing a person with their laptops perched on a cooling pad, a mouse on their right, a USB flash drive sticking out on the left, and a set of earphones plugged in has become a familiar scene.

Everyone hates rifling through a packed bag just to fish out the USB drive that has fallen to the bottom of the bag during transit. Good laptops bags should to provide ample pockets and compartments of varying sizes for these accessories.

Additional functionality and utility

The fourth feature we considered were additional functionalities and utilities manufacturers add to their laptop bags.

These additional features can really go a long way in bringing a bag from good to great.

Men who routinely walk through large crowds would benefit greatly from laptop bags that have zippers with padlock holes.

The best laptop bags for travelers should be one that can be slipped onto their luggage’s handles for hassle-free mobility. Students who spend the whole day on campus may need bags that can hold their textbooks.


Design is subject to an individual’s tastes. However, there are some elements of design that tend to stay true for all tastes.

We selected laptop bags that were generally slim, light-weight, and versatile. The bag should be of good quality and made from durable material.

The best laptop bag for men

Ebags Slim Laptop Backpack - Best Laptop Bag for Men

Out of all the laptop bags, the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack (Solid Black) came in as our #1 Pick.

The eBags Laptop Backpack fits laptops up to 16.5” wide. In addition, it also has a compartment for tablets that is that is 8.125” wide and 11.5” long.

This eBags laptop bag is both slim and versatile in design. It can easily convert from backpack to briefcase for those times when a more professional look is needed.

Accessibility is a core feature of the eBags laptop bag. The tablet compartment has its own zipper on the top for extremely convenient access.

Zippers run across the top and sides of the main compartments in an inverted L-shape allowing for convenient access to the contents from either the top or the side.

The eBags Backpack is a veritable treasure trove of pockets and compartments. In addition to the padded laptop compartment, there is one more main compartment to keep larger items, such as documents and books.

This additional compartment comes with an amazing number of pockets in all shapes and sizes. It is great for storing oddly shaped items in a very organized manner.

No worries about losing track of power banks, a laptop mouse, cords and cables, or any other objects that are small and easily lost in a large compartment.

The eBags Slim Backpack also includes horizontal as well as vertical passthru panels to affix the bag onto luggage handles when travelling.

The bottom of the bag features a compartment to store small items need to be kept in easy reach, such as chargers. There is also a mesh pocket on the side to carry a water bottle.

The two main compartments zippers have padlock holes to lock them together for added security.

The eBags laptop bag is made from high-quality 840D fabric/polyester and 900D twisted poly. The bag’s material and tight weave does provide some slight protection to water but it is not a water-resistant bag.

The back panel is padded and vented for maximum comfort while wearing. The straps are also padded and contoured for comfort. There is a removable adjustable sternum strap for those times when there is a heavier load to carry.

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The four other laptop bags for men we tested

CoolBell 15.6 Inch Nylon Laptop Shoulder Bag

CoolBell Laptop Bag

CoolBell is a sleek yet spacious laptop shoulder bag that is perfect for laptops up to 15.6”.

CoolBell’s Nylon Laptop Bag can be held by the handles or a padded shoulder strap can be added. The CoolBell shoulder bag is a great men’s laptop bag for business professionals or those who travel a lot.

The main compartment of CoolBell’s laptop bag is roomy and split into 3 sections, allowing storing of items in addition to a laptop.

The laptop bag features built-in anti-shock waterproof foam for the laptop compartment, ensuring a smooth ride for the machine. The main compartment also has double zippers that can be locked together for that added security measure.

The CoolBell Bag has a pocket on the back that can be used to hold thin items, such as documents or a tablet. Alternatively, this back pocket has a zipper on the bottom that converts it into a holder to affix the bag to luggage handles.

CoolBell’s laptop bag utilizes a nylon material that is durable, strong, and can withstand the weight of the heftiest of laptops. The outside material is oxford cloth and provides water resistance to keep the inside of the bag dry. CoolBell claims that the bag can even keep your electronics dry after walking in heavy rain for one hour!

CoolBELL 15.6 Inch Nylon Laptop Bag...
  • Fits up to 15.6 inches laptop/tablet/ultrabook. Huge-roomy and three...
  • Upgrade point:A zipper was added to the front pocket under the flap,more secure...
  • Bag interior size:15.7*10.6 inch;exterior size:16.5*12.2*4.3 inch

Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag

MobileEdge Eco-Friendly Laptop Bag

Mobile Edge has come up with an eco-friendly laptop bag featuring a padded compartment for laptops up to 15.5” in width.

The messenger laptop bag is made from sturdy all-natural cotton canvas material, hence its eco-friendly status.

The main compartment is separated into two sections, including a padded section for laptops. The front of the bag also features a large pocket that stretches across the front of the bag as well as a medium and small pocket. Perfect for keeping those that kindle and iPod organized.

There is also some space on the front to hang some pens and a spot to hook on a Velcro-backed ID holder for those who need to pull out ID or a transit card on the fly.

Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag for...
  • PROTECT YOUR TECH IN STYLE – Our ECO Messenger laptop messenger bag for men...
  • SUSTAINABLE ALL THE WAY – Crafted from all-natural cotton canvas, this canvas...
  • DEDICATED DEFENSE – Your laptop deserves the best. Our laptop case features a...

Zigels Padded Laptop Backpack

Zigels Padded Laptop Backpack

The zigels Laptop Backpack is a lightweight backpack that fits laptops up to 17.3” in size. In fact, the zigels laptop bag is the lightest bag on this list, weighing in at just one pound.

The zigels backpack has a fully-padded compartment for a laptop. It also has another main compartment for storing larger items, such as books or documents.

This other main compartment has some smaller pockets sewn into the back to easily hold smaller objects like pens, phones, and power banks.

In addition to the two main compartments, there are two smaller pockets on the front of the bag, perfect for keeping tablets in easy reach. There are two mesh pockets on the side for carrying water-bottles or other umbrellas.

The zigels backpack shoulder straps are well padded and adjustable for better comfort. It also has an adjustable sternum strap to help with heavier loads.

Manufactured using strong 1680D polyester means the zigels backpack is durable and able to withstand the burden of a laptop and some books. The material also has the benefit of being water-resistant. The bottom of the back is also waterproof, so there is minimal worry about putting the zigels laptop backpack down on a wet surface.

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Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag

Samsonite Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

As the laptop bag’s name suggests, this is a leather messenger bag manufactured by the luggage manufacturing giant, Samsonite. The Samsonite messenger laptop bag can easily fit laptops up to 16” in width.

The Samsonite leather messenger bag comes with a removable adjustable padded shoulder strap for better portability.

Samsonite’s leather laptop bag’s main compartment is split into two sections with one padded section for a laptop and another section for other large items. This other section also has 3 medium-sized pockets sewn into the side.

In addition to this large main compartment, there is also another zippered compartment of equal width for storing documents and books.

Finally, there is thin pocket along the front of the bag which hides several more smaller pockets for easy accessibility to smaller items such as smartphones, cards, and pens.

In case the flap-over’s adjustable buckles do not provide enough security, the Samsonite laptop bag’s main compartments all come with zippers to keep things extra secure within the bag.

Made from minimally treated natural cowhide, Samsonite warns that this results in bags where the colors may vary and have its own characteristics.

Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over...
  • Please note that the leather used in crafting this bag is a natural cowhide that...
  • organizer under front flap holds your business essentials
  • Removable, adjustable padded shoulder strap

The bottom line

With so many laptop bags available, it is easier than ever to find a bag that suits a person’s preferences and requirements.

However, such an overabundance has also led to the problem of indecision from having too many choices.

Some people prefer bags like the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack with tons of pockets for organized item placement for easy access.
Those who travel a lot would certainly find great benefit in the sleek look of the highly water-resistant CoolBell Nylon Laptop Bag Shoulder Bag.

The environmentally conscious might prefer Mobile Edge’s Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag made from all-natural cotton.

Men looking for a strong, sturdy bag that is light enough to compensate for a heavy 17” laptop would certainly find the zigels laptop backpack to their benefit.

Finally, Samsonite’s Columbian Leather messenger bag is a great pick for those looking for a laptop bag with a polished professional feel.

In the end, the most important aspect to keep in mind is that a proper laptop bag must always have a padded compartment for the laptop. Other than that, laptop bags are free to vary according to an individual’s needs.

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