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page title icon Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops under $1500 in 2021

| Updated on July 25, 2021

Welcome to the Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops under $1500 guide.

In this guide we review the best gaming laptops currently on the market at the time of writing, in the hope of helping you make an informed buyers decision.

Each laptop was chosen for a number of different reasons, but the bottom line was that this top 10 selection was chosen based on their ability to run games on high settings with great FPS. Laptops with 17” screens were also chosen as a preference for a better gaming experience, and nothing lower than 15.6” was selected for the top 10.

Alternatively, there are also cheaper options as well as those with touch screens, larger hard drives, etc. to cater for all users.

Top Pick Under 1500: Acer Predator Helios

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Quick Links – “I need an answer quickly”

For your convenience i’ve added some links to the relevant laptops for the following scenarios. If you’re in a rush then these are the links for you, otherwise you can read on for things to consider when buying a gaming laptop, followed by our list of laptops from number 1 to 10.

What to consider when looking for the best gaming laptop under 1500

Get an i7 Processor (CPU)

By looking at CPU benchmarks we can establish that the fastest CPU’s available on the market currently are those that are i7 processors.

This is a trend that we noticed whilst reviewing these laptops for the top 10 list and all of the included gaming laptops in the list have an Intel i7 processor.

Ensure you get Graphics Card with at least 2GB GDDR5 Memory

Graphics Cards with 4GB GDDR5 can help improve framerates in certain cases at higher resolutions but plenty of benchmarks done have proved that there is little difference between 2GB and 4GB of GPU memory.

One thing is certain though, and that is that there is a huge difference between 1GB and 2GB of GDDR5 and some newer games even required 2GB to run.

All of the GPU’s in the top 10 have at least 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

An SSD Harddrive will significantly decrease loading times

SSD’s have huge advantages over traditional hard drives and that’s that they significantly increase load times of both games and your operating system.

8GB of RAM is good, 16GB is fantastic, 32GB is overkill

It’s near impossible to be using up 16, even 8GB of RAM unless you have multiple memory intensive applications open at the same time, such as video editing software or benchmarking tools.

I would definitely recommend at least 8GB though, RAM is so cheap nowadays that it is a no-brainer to upgrade to 8GB. 8GB of RAM ensures that you can still multi-task without the dreaded computer freeze or blue screen of death.

You need a Full HD screen, if not an Ultra HD screen for the best possible experience

Buying a gaming laptop with a Full HD screen will ensure that you can use the best possible resolution for your screen and GPU. What’s the point of having a powerful GPU if you can’t utilize it?

Some displays are even offering 4k UHD screens which offer bigger resolutions, such as 3840 x 2160 meaning you have incredible pixel clarity.

Different panels such as TN vs IPS have different viewing angles which could be a factor in your decision when buying a laptop depending on your usage.

Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops under $1500

1. ASUS G751JY-WH71(WX) 17″ Gaming Laptop

ASUS G751JY-WH71(WX) Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The ASUS G751JY-WH71(WX) Gaming Laptop is almost too good to be true. It’s the only laptop at the time of writing to squeeze a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M into the sub $1500 category which makes it a value-for-money powerhouse.

Of the top 10 gaming laptops looked at, this is the one with the fastest specifications. Sporting an Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6GHz processor and 16GB Ram, combined with the GTX 980M, ensure this laptop will have no issue running games on Ultra graphics settings on the 17.3” IPS Full HD 1920×1080 display.

Storage wise the G751JY-WH71(WX) comes with a 1TB HDD to offer plenty of storage, as well as a 128GB SSD which is a fantastic addition to speed up load screens and boot times.

The model design is attractive, sporting slightly rounded edges and a black-brushed aluminum plate on the lid. Finished with black matte accents the laptop has a stealthy look.. Until you get to the back vents which are said to have intelligent thermal design and have been pimped out with red metallic accents. In conjunction with this the red backlit keyboard and backlit Republic of Gamers (ROG) insignia add a gaming feel to the laptop.

Other noticeable features include, 4x USB 3.0, 1x Thunderbolt 2, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA/Mini D-Sub, 1x SPDIF, 1x Headphone-out, 1x Mic-in ports as well as a Gigabit Ethernet port and Gigabit Wifi adapter.

Due to it’s impressive, yet, demanding specs, the battery life and weight leave a bit to be desired. Lasting only roughly 3.5-hours means this laptop would be better as a desktop replacement instead of one you’d rely on to get through the day without a charger. It also weighs 8.4lbs making it quite heavy to carry around.

ASUS G751JY 17-Inch Gaming Laptop [2014...
  • Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6GHz (turbo up to 3.6 GHz). 16 GB RAM.
  • 1 TB 7200RPM Hard Drive. Plus 128GB SSD
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M with 4GB DDR5 VRAM (G-Sync)
  • 17.3" IPS 16:9 FHD matte display (1920x1080) with built in G-Sync hardware.
  • Gigabit dual-band 802.11AC ultra-fast Wi-Fi. 10/100/10000 Gigabit Ethernet

2. Acer Predator G9-791-735A 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

Acer Predator G9-791-735A Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The Acer Predator G9-791-735A Gaming Laptop is a speedy offering from Acer that holds it’s own in the fight for the best gaming laptop under $1500.

Under the hood, the Predator runs an Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz processor supported by 16GB of DDR4 Memory.

Powering the 17.3” Full HD display is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M with 3GB GDDR5 VRAM that is capable of running games at High-Ultra settings.

A decently sized 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive gives you ample storage space, whilst the laptops quick Windows 10 boot times can be attributed to the 256GB SSD.

Despite the power hungry specs, the G9-791-735A is able to get 5.5-hours battery life with constant use. Weighing in at 8.7lbs makes this laptop on the heavier side which is a common theme in gaming laptops.

The Predator has a sleek black design, accented with red vents, WASD keys, and arrow keys. The chassis has advanced cooling properties to support extended gaming sessions.

It contains a DVD Drive, 4 x USB3.0 Ports, 1 x HDMI Port, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x Thunderbolt 3, Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi Adapter, Bluetooth 4.1, SD Card Reader, Built-in Microphone and HD Webcam, Acer High-Performance Sound System.

Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop, 17.3”...
  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz (6 MB Cache)
  • 16GB DDR4 Dual-Channel Memory
  • 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive, 128GB Solid-State Drive
  • 17.3-inch Full HD Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M with 3GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Windows 10 Home, Up to 5.5-hour battery life

3. MSI GE72 Apache Pro-070 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

MSI GE72 Apache Pro-070 Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The MSI GE72 Apache Pro-070 Gaming Laptop is very similar to the laptop reviewed at #2 with the exception that it only has a 128GB SSD hard drive compared to the 256GB SSD in the Predator, however, it makes up for this in other aspects.

The Apache Pro-070 has an i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz Quad Core Processor as well as 16GB of DDR4 2133MHz RAM that will adequately handle anything you throw at it.

Allowing you to play games on High and Ultra is the Nvidia GeForce GTX970M which is the second best Graphics Card for gaming laptops in this price range. The 17.3” display is a Full HD screen with 1920×1080 resolution.

The Windows 10 operating system can be installed on the 128GB SSD leading to super fast boot times. As well as the SSD, the Apache Pro-070 comes with a 1TB hard drive for storing your files.

An area where this laptop particularly shines is its design. It’s covered from head to toe in brushed aluminum which looks beautiful. MSI has partnered with SteelSeries to provide the in-built keyboard, so you can be sure you have a quality product. At 6lbs is about the middle of the way for weight.

MSI GE72 Apache Pro-070 17.3" SLIM AND...
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor (2.6-3.5GHz)
  • RAM: 16GB (8GB x2) DDR4 2133MHz | Hard Drive: 128GB SSD (PCIE Gen3 x4) + 1TB...
  • Optical Drive: SuperMulti DVD | Operating System: Windows 10
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX970M 3G GDDR5 | Display: 17.3" Full HD eDP Non...
  • Special Features: Steel Series Full-color Backlight with Anti-Ghost key + Silver...

4. XOTIC Sager NP7276

XOTIC Sager NP8151-S2 Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The XOTIC Sager NP7276 Gaming Laptop is a true performance machine. Just fitting into the sub $1500 category the NP8151-S2 is run by its Intel i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz processor with high- performance 16GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM.

In the graphics department, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060M provides the required grunt to play games easily on Ultra settings. The screen is a 15.6” Full HD 1920×1080 super clear matte display, the screen, however is a TN screen as opposed to IPS meaning the viewing angles are restricted.

A 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive leaves plenty of room for storage whilst a huge 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD has enough room to store your OS and plenty of games on it.

On the hard drives comes Windows 10 pre-installed, with drivers only and no bloatware or recovery media which is a nice touch by Sager.

The outer casing of the laptop is brushed aluminum with an attractive demeanor. It weighs in at 5.5 lbs and gets about 3-hours battery life, which is the norm for gaming laptops.

Ports include 4xUSB 3.0, 1x HDMI 2.0, 2x Mini DisplayPort, Card Reader, Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi Adapter, Microphone, Full HD Webcam, Onkyo Speakers.

5. Lenovo Y50 59421859 Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Y50 59421859 Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The Lenovo Y50 59421859 Gaming Laptop comes in at #5 on our list, which is fitting because it’s the complete definition of an all-rounder.

Tech specs include an Intel Quad-Core i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz processor and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M Graphics Card, coupled with 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

Sounds a little bit ‘meh’ right? There’s nothing there that quite makes you go “wow”! There are better processors and graphics cards in other options within this price range. But that’s why this laptop is an all-rounder.

Just what makes this laptop an all-rounder is the inclusion of a super impressive 15.6” Ultra HD, 4K ready, 3840×2160 IPS display. 4K displays offer a more immersive experience, providing a higher work surface without a loss in pixels-per-inch and making your graphics ‘pop’.

As well as the 4K display, the Lenovo 4K trades off the standard 1TB hard drive + 128GB SSD for one 500GB SSD. Seeing as external hard drives are so cheap these days, I like the inclusion of the bigger SSD.

Finished with a stylish black brushed aluminum look, the Lenovo Y50 is the perfect all-rounder mix of gaming specs and looks.

Coming in at 5.3 lbs, the Y50 is also the lightest laptop we’ve looked at so far and gets between 4-5-hours of battery life which also makes it a great laptop for college.

Ports include 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, 720p webcam, JBL speakers.

Lenovo Y50 4K UHD Laptop Computer -...
  • 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4710HQ (2.50GHz 1600MHz 6MB)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4GB Graphics Card / Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160
  • 16.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz / Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • 512 GB Solid State Drive / Windows 8.1 / No Optical Drive

6. Alienware 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

Alienware 17 17.3” Gaming Laptop Front Shot

Alienware went through a period where they produced crappy laptops that made people avoid them like the plague. The good news though, is that they’re back! This time with the Alienware 17 17.3” Gaming Laptop.

Powering the laptop is the Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz processor, adequate for even the most demanding games. With the processor is 16GB of DDR3L 1600MHz RAM to ensure you never run out of memory whilst multi-tasking.

An impressive Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M is the workhorse in the graphics department, more than capable of running games on ultra quality.

The hard drive setup is relatively standard with a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive and 128GB SSD under the hood. The display is a 17.3” FHD screen, showcasing 1920×1080 pixels.

The black design of the laptop is mixed with orange accents. The laptop looks bulky and it shows, weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs! This is definitely not a laptop you want to be lugging around with you all day. Amazingly, the laptop has a 5-hour battery life, which is quite good.

Ports include 4x USB 3.0, HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort, Card Reader, Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi Adapter, Full HD Webcam and Microphone.

7. Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY Gaming Laptop

Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY Gaming Laptop is one of our budget gaming laptops for the top 10. Incredibly, it is well priced and has fantastic specs, with a 4K screen to boot.

Under the hood is a more than respectable, Intel Quad Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz processor with 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

A Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M is responsible for the graphics side of the equation which is comforting knowing that it has to power the 15.6” UHD 3840 x 2160 pixel screen. That’s right, this ‘budget’ laptop has a UHD screen as well as these great specs.

For hard drive space, a 1TB 5400RPM drive is included as well as a 128GB SSD which should boot the included Windows 10 within a matter of seconds.

I tried really hard to find the catch with this laptop and I’m still unsure how it’s so well priced for the features and display that you get, but who’s complaining!

Amazingly, the good news continues with the laptop only weighing in at lightweight 4.6 lbs whilst boasting a 5-hour battery life too!

A simple design gives an elegant look to this sleek laptop, the matte black with gray looking stylish in any environment.

Ports include 3x USB 3.0, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi Adapter, Bluetooth, SD Card Reader.

Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY 15.6 Inch...
  • Intel Quad Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Processor
  • 1 TB HDD + 128 GB SSD Storage; Optical Drive Not included
  • 15.6 Inch UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) LED-lit Truelife Touchscreen
  • Windows 10 Operating System; Matte Black featuring Gray Chassis

8. Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition Gaming Laptop

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition Gaming Laptop Front Shot

Woah, Nitro Black? That has to be fast! The Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition VN7-791G-792A Gaming Laptop is black, plain and fast.

Starting off, the Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6GHz processor is the engine of the laptop. Thankfully the V17 Nitro Black possesses the fastest processor that we’ve seen in the sub $1500 gaming laptop range, meaning you’re getting the best CPU for your money. Coupled with the 4720HQ, the laptop also has 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

What’s impressive about this laptop is the processor and the 17.3” IPS Full HD display, packing a full 1920×1080 pixels. What’s unimpressive is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics card, we’ve seen other laptops in this range fit in a 970M or even a 980M. Whilst it’s not a bad graphics card, the 960M is a little behind the others in performance.

Following along the same theme the 1TB hard drive is only 5400rpm instead of the 7200rpm seen in some other gaming laptops. Fortunately, the included 256GB SSD should make up for that shortcoming.

The laptop runs Windows 8.1 and has a 4-hour battery life which is in the mid range for gaming laptops. At 6.6 lbs it’s also about the mid range for weight. Are you starting to see a trend here?

What is faultless is the sleek, black design of the laptop. It’s relatively plain, but nice to look at and has a backlit orange keyboard.

In terms of ports the Nitro Black gaming laptop has 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi Adapter, Built-in Microphone and Webcam, DVD Drive, Built-in Speakers.

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition...
  • Intel Core i7-4720HQ Processor (2.6 GHz)
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1 TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive, 256 GB Solid-State Drive
  • 17.3-Inch Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
  • Windows 8.1, 4-hour battery life

9. ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 Gaming Laptop

Asus ROG GL552VW-DH74 Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The Asus ROG GL552VW-DH74 Gaming Laptop has got to be good. The Republic of Gamers (ROG) badge has been regularly associated with quality now and I don’t expect that to change with this laptop. In saying that, this is a cheaper offering so let’s have a look!

Powered by an Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz processor, the GL552VW-DH74 is no slouch in the power department and backs that up with 16GB of DDR4 RAM to keep your computer purring along nicely.

The screen is a 15.6” Matte IPS Full HD display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. An IPS panel gives a wide range of viewing angles. Providing the underlying grunt for the display is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M Graphics Card which is nothing to sneeze at, especially given the price point of this laptop.

A 128GB SSD ensures speedy loading times and the 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive means you have enough room to store all your files.

Featuring a slide-off upgrade panel, the GL552VW-DH74 allows you to upgrade to an extra SSD, bigger Hard Drive or upgrade the amount of RAM inside. Not that you’d need too.

As with all the ROG laptops, the design is always impressive! The laptop feels sturdy and the matte black finish is accented with red trimmings giving an aesthetic look. Weighing in at 5.6 lbs it’s around the average weight for a gaming laptop but manages a 5-hour battery life which is very good.

Ports include 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.1 Type C, 1 x HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi Adapter, Microphone and HD Webcam, SD Card Reader, DVD Drive.

ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 15-Inch Gaming...
  • Powerful 6th-generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz. 16GB RAM; 1TB 7200RPM +...
  • 15.6 inches Matte IPS FHD display. 1920 by 1080 resolution. NVIDIA GeForce GTX...
  • GameFirst III technology prioritizes the flow of the game data across your...
  • Feature the latest USB3.1 Type-C port for more convenient connectivity options.
  • 100 solder points for durability and solid-feel, one piece keyboard with 1.8mm...

10. ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW Gaming Laptop

Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW Gaming Laptop Front Shot

The Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW Gaming Laptop is the final laptop in our list, but also happens to be the first touchscreen gaming laptop we’ve looked at.

The UX501VW is powered by an Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz Processor (turbo to 3.5GHz) and sports 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

Amazing, the touchscreen is also a 15.6” 4K Ultra HD display, capable of a 3840 x 2160 resolution for incredible pixel density.

A 4K screen requires a solid graphics card and that’s why this laptop has a Nvidia GeForce GTX960M GPU to cope with it.

Inside the computer, a big 512GB SSD with transfer speeds of up to 1400MB/s leads to super fast game loading speeds and boot times.

One of the best features of the UX501VW gaming laptop is its looks. Instead of the usual black look, this laptop has a silver brushed aluminum finished with a gray keyboard, making it stand out from the rest of the pack. It’s also quite thin and weighs in at just 5lbs.

Furthermore, a 6-hour battery life is just the icing on the cake and means this has the best battery out of our top 10 gaming laptops reviewed.

Ports include 3 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 3.1 Type C, 1 x Thunderbolt 3, 1 X HDMI, SDXC Reader, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi Adapter, Microphone and Webcam.

ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW-US71 15.6-Inch...
  • 15.6" Touch IPS 4K Ultra­-HD display, 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • Powerful Intel Skylake Core i7­-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Quad­core CPU (turbo to...
  • 512GB SSD with transfer speeds of 1400MB/s and 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1x Thunderbolt III (via USB Type­C), 1x Gen 2 USB 3.1 Type­C, 3x USB 3.0, 1x...
  • Weight:2.06 kg with Battery

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