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| Updated on January 30, 2021

For the best gaming experience, you don’t need just two things – the best-performing computer and the fastest internet connection. Most often than not, a good pair of gaming earbuds is what you need to level up your gaming experience.

A good pair enhances the intensity of the game and the emotions that the play involves. When choosing the best gaming earbuds, don’t buy the cheapest one that you find. Always opt for the pair with great design and superior sound quality.

Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Detachable...
  • World's first detachable microphone in-ear headset: Lightweight stainless steel...
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Here, we will explain some of the main points to consider when choosing the best pair for your next gaming session.

How we chose the best gaming earbuds

In this article, we will cover what exactly to look for when searching for the best gaming earbuds available online and within your price range.

Gaming earbuds are very popular with gaming pros and the newbie’s as well as they add a sense of realism to your gaming session through a surreal sound experience.

They also make it possible to talk strategy with other gamers online. This helps enhance your gaming experience while also giving you the chance to meet and befriend some more gamers online.

However, as with any product available these days, there are good earbuds and there are definitely not-so-good ones, making it difficult for you to choose the best suited ones.

The key is to identifying exactly what it is that you want in your gaming earbuds, and then to select a product to perfectly match these needs.

Not all of us are avid gamers, so trying to decide what the best gaming earbuds for gaming were, would have just been too difficult.

In order to find out the best gaming earbuds, we surveyed some pro gamers who have had extensive experience in all sorts of gaming hardware, including the earbuds.

That’s what we did. We surveyed gaming pros in order to find out what they thought were the most important things to consider when buying gaming earbuds for that real gaming experience one wants.

So, we know exactly what is needed in such a product. Below is the guide of what details you need to know before you decide to buy gaming earbuds.

  • Sound quality
  • Design
  • Built-in microphone
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • We determined this final list by considering the sound quality, design, durability, and versatility – basically, overall value for money for a better gaming experience for you.

    The five best gaming earbuds

    Here’s a list of the five best gaming earbuds for the real gamers:

    The most important consideration when choosing the best gaming earbuds: Sound quality

    Sound quality is the most important aspect of a pair of earbuds that you need to consider whenever purchasing one for yourself.

    Although it’s hard for earbuds to completely cancel the noise produced in the background while you are playing, its ability to reduce it by a significant amount while enhancing the sound quality of your game, the bass, highs, and lows, is something to look for when buying your pair.

    If you are someone who likes to hear every single sound there is on your game, and if hearing them is a matter of life and death (in your game environment at least), then a pair of earbuds that can produce the clearest sound and the most defined bass is something that you should opt for.

    Some earbuds are better at noise-canceling, so if this is your concern, there are some earbuds in the market that will suit your exact need.

    Other considerations when choosing the best earbuds


    Design, on the other hand, is something that is sometimes overlooked by many. This is an important aspect as well because it provides you an important factor when playing – comfort.

    Not all in-ear gaming headsets are created equal, and not all earbuds are comfortable to use while spending long hours at games.

    Make sure that while choosing a pair, the earbuds are soft enough to be used for hours, and that they are in perfect shape with your ears to prevent discomfort and other serious injuries that may occur due to the wrong design.


    Earbuds without a built-in microphone is a thing of the past now. Most, if not all, have built-in microphones to communicate to other gamers. Earbuds for gaming should have a built-in mic now as most games require seamless communication among players.

    Although there is not much difference between microphones in gaming earbuds, make sure that you choose the one that is high-sensitive that will allow you to take calls in a hands-free mode with clear and crisp call quality.


    To ensure the value for money, the earbuds you should invest in should be durable enough to last for a long time – meaning, hours and hours of gaming. Snapping of cords is one of the most common problems that are encountered by many on their earbuds.

    Round cords are known to easily break, so some in-ear headphones are being manufactured now with flat cords. Flat cords are more flexible and durable, so you should consider this aspect when buying a pair of earbuds.

    Make sure that your pair comes with a warranty so that you can have something to rely on if your new pair suddenly breaks.


    When it comes to gadgets and fashion, versatility is the key, and earbuds are no exception.

    When investing in one, why not buy something whose performance is top-notch when it comes to gaming as well as other activities such as jogging, sound tripping, and movie watching?

    Because gaming earbuds produce crisp sound and a beautiful bass effect, it is also good to use them for watching films and listening to songs. No need to buy separate in-ear headphones for different gadgets.

    The best earbuds for gaming

    Among the 5 listed in-ear headphones for gaming above, the best pick, considering all the things when buying a pair of your own, is the TT eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Detachable Microphone In-Ear Gaming Earbuds.

    The reason behind is that with these earbuds you get performance, durability, and overall value for money. Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Detachable Microphone In-Ear Gaming Headset

    First of its kind in the market, the ISURUS PRO has a detachable microphone that lets you remove and put it back whenever you need. The detachable microphone gives you control that will enhance your phone call and communication, gaming or not.

    With its 13.5mm neodymium drivers, powerful bass and crisp sound is delivered with ease, providing a better sound quality for your games and music.

    The best part is that with its flat cord, you can finally bid goodbye to tangles and snapping of cords, which are very common to earbuds and headphones.

    Durability can be expected with these in-ear headphones so you are assured that these will accompany you for your hours-long gaming sessions.

    Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Detachable...
    • World's first detachable microphone in-ear headset: Lightweight stainless steel...
    • 13.5mm neodymium drivers: Deliver unbeatable in-ear audio, with natural...
    • Tangle free flat cable: say goodbye to those frustrating cable tangles and have...

    The four other gaming earbuds that we tested

    SADES SA608 Stereo Earbuds with Mic

    If you are looking for a pair that is straightforward but delivers, the SADES SA608 can be your safe bet. It is fashionable and definitely stylish, and the looks are complemented well with a crisp sound, noise-cancellation, and super bass. SADES SA608 Stereo Earphone Earbuds Earpods In-ear Headphones with Microphone

    Looking closely at the SADES SA608, this can be a great candidate when you are looking for something to listen to music with. It works well as a gaming device, but these earbuds works equally good when used for listening to music.

    You need to take good care of the cord as well, as it comes with a round one which is prone to snapping and tangling.

    No products found.

    Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Elite Mobile Gaming Earbuds with In-Line Mic

    If you are a fan of the Call of Duty (COD) franchise, you should not pass these earbuds collaboration of COD and Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach Call of Duty Black Ops II Elite Mobile Gaming Earbuds with In-Line Mic

    Created specifically for gaming, these earbuds have a 10mm drivers, equipped with neodymium magnets, for the best audio quality in gaming.

    This product also come with multiple ear gels to allow you to choose which earbuds size fits best in your ears for longer wearing time and is more comfortable.

    On the other hand, although these earbuds have a braided cord, which is an alternative to flat and round cords nowadays, snapping can still be expected, and it happens most often to it than with flat cords and cables.

    These also comes with a 6 feet long cord, and although this may look and sound enticing when you are a pro gamer, using these earbuds for the workout and other activities can be a disadvantage.

    This being said, you need to take care of your cord while using the Turtle Beach COD earbuds.

    Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II...
    • HIGH FIDELITY AUDIO - Large 10mm drivers with neodymium magnets for premium...
    • NOISE-ISOLATING DESIGN - Creates a superior fit to block out ambient noise and...
    • CLOTH-BRAIDED CABLE - High quality materials provide durability and premium...

    Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds

    Equipped with a dual mic and a versatile 3.5mm audio cable link, the Mad CatzEs. PRO 1 earbuds can be a gamer’s best friend. The two microphones allows you to communicate to other people depending on your preference – Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds for PC, Consoles & Mobile Devices

    1) With the omnidirectional boom mic, you can chat with the other person clearly as this feature lessens the noise around you.

    2) An in-line is installed in the E.S PRO 1 earbuds for discreet conversations and hands-free calls that can be controlled through a mute and volume slider.

    3) The 3.5mm audio cable link also allows you to connect the earbuds to every gadget you have, without a problem. The sound quality of this earbud, however, is not top notch, unlike the rest of the listed in-ear pairs here.

    Mad Catz E.S. PRO 1 Gaming Earbuds for...
    • Multiplatform Gamer: Play anywhere with a 35mm audio cable that links directly...
    • ES PRO 1 has a 13.5mm speaker that's larger than most gaming earbuds Plus, a...
    • Dual Mics for Clear Chat: Its go beyond PC headsets with only 1 microphone An...

    SteelSeries Flux

    Designed to be worn over the ear, instead of in-ear, these earbuds from SteelSeries is one of its kind. Wearing the earbuds over the ear allows maximum comfort for a longer period. SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Headset for Gaming and Music

    However, for those who are not used to this, the SteelSeries Flux can still be worn down, so wearing options should not be a problem.

    This headset is good to wear for the longest time possible as the memory foam and silicone tips are included in the box for you to choose which one to use depending on your ear’s comfort.

    As one of the cheapest earbuds in the market today, this Flux earbuds provides great sound quality for a better gaming experience.

    SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Headset for...
    • Two color round cable mixed with a flat rubber cord
    • Main body is double injection rubber with aluminum SteelSeries logo plate
    • On cord mic/controller for hands free calling and full music/MP3 controls

    The bottom line

    Looking closely at each earbud listed, you can see that there is really not much difference among these five.

    Most of them produce a great sound quality and offer versatility. Some are prone to breakage, and some really have the qualities to be considered as the best value for money.

    Choosing which one to buy and invest on is clearly a matter of preference. For something cheap and long-wearing, you can opt for the SteelSeries Flux.

    However, if durability, versatility, and overall performance are what you want, then TT eSPORTS ISURUS PRO earbuds are your best bet.

    Budget, aesthetics and personal preference (in case you are a COD fan) are important factors, and the 5 listed earbuds can certainly cater to whatever your needs are.

    Whatever the choice may be, always remember that while choosing the best pair, look for something that provides amazing sound quality, superb durability, and versatility.

    Good quality earbuds can certainly enhance your gaming experience by creating an environment where sound is enhanced and emotions are in turn made superior with that experience.

    Tt eSPORTS ISURUS PRO Detachable...
    • World's first detachable microphone in-ear headset: Lightweight stainless steel...
    • 13.5mm neodymium drivers: Deliver unbeatable in-ear audio, with natural...
    • Tangle free flat cable: say goodbye to those frustrating cable tangles and have...

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