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page title icon 5 Best Budget Earphones for under $50 2020

| Updated on January 30, 2021

High-quality sound on the go doesn’t have to cost you a premium. Whether it’s a robust and close-fitting pair for the gym, while you’re out running, for a walk, or even just relaxing on the couch or in bed, there’s no shortage of inexpensive options available.

So for those of you in the market for a new pair, we present our guide to the best earphones available for less than $50.

1. Bose SoundSport In-Ear

First on our list are this sporty wired pair from Bose. Available for just under $50 at most online retailers, these earphones allow you to enjoy music with real depth thanks to Bose’s patented TriPort technology.

The SoundSport’s StayHear tips fit the shape of your ear and the earphones are sweat and rain-resistant, making them a great option if you need a pair for the gym or your active lifestyle.

This pair also features an inline microphone, as well as a remote that works seamlessly with Apple devices so if you’re an iPhone user, these earphones are certainly worth your consideration.

2. SoundMAGIC E10

SoundMAGIC was founded in 2005 by acoustic design engineer Tony Xu and his earphones have earned plenty of rave reviews in the company’s short history. Their E10 offering is one such product helping put the brand on the map, and without the premium price tag.

You can pick up a pair of E10s for less than $30 online, which is outstanding value for money as this pair boasts a sound quality and depth on a par with pairs that sell for three times as much.

This pair is less feasible for active users, and better suited to a gentle walk or chilling on the couch, but that isn’t to say that they’re fragile. The E10s are constructed from a single piece of aluminum, making them rugged enough to withstand being tossed in a bag as part of a busy routine.

3. Sony WI-C310

Another pair that you can pick up for around $30, Sony’s WI-C310 earphones are the first Bluetooth pair on our list. The buds themselves are linked by a wire that sits across your shoulders, but their communication with your phone, laptop or music player is by Bluetooth.

This pair features compact 9mm drivers that deliver a rich, bassy sound with no loss of clarity, while hands-free calls and voice assistant control are also a cinch, making them the perfect companion for your commute to work.

Comfort is another key strength of the WI-C310. They feel lightweight while listening and magnets in the earbuds help stop you getting tangled up, while 15 hours of continuous listening is possible from a single charge.

4. Paradigm shift

Straight out of Toronto, the Paradigm brand has firmly cemented its place as a worthy earphone competitor. Along with other popular Toronto brands, Paradigm offers users a state-of-the-art entertainment experience. The shift range of earphones range in price, however, the E3-m earbuds can be found at most online retailers for around $19.99.

A pair of E3-m’s is a great option for anyone looking for a stylish alternative.

5. Sennheiser CX 300S

The final product on our list is another produced by a premium brand but delivered at an economical price. The Sennheiser CX 300s can be snapped up for less than $45 from across a range of online retailers.

The brand’s patented audio encoding delivers a deep and detailed sound with impressive bass response, utilizing Sennheiser’s transducer technology, while the design of the CX 300S earbuds makes them a great option for those keen to block out external noise.

An in-line microphone and remote make it easy to make and receive calls on the go, while the tangle-free cabling and generous choice of ear-tips make this pair another smart option for commuters or frequent travellers.


Whilst there are some poor options in the budget range, there are always a few standouts and hopefully, after today you’re aware of at least 5 of those.

We loved the Bose Soundsport in-ear earphones with their snug ear fit and great audio quality. We also liked how they are budget earphones, yet still have features like a microphone which isn’t always available in this price range.

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