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page title icon ASUS vs. MSI Motherboards: The Better Choice

| Updated on April 28, 2022

Do you want to determine which of these two motherboard brands has better performance and capacity? Check my Asus vs. MSI comparison guide right here!

If you’re looking for a new motherboard or want to create a new system, you’ll need to pick one with all the other components’ qualities.

MSI and ASUS are two of the many other motherboard manufacturers around. But the question is, which one is the better option?

I will help you review which ones between ASUS vs. MSI motherboards are superior.

ASUS vs. MSI Motherboards

Image feature: ASUS; MSI

MSI and ASUS had a long-time, significant footprint in producing high-quality tech products and services.

It might not be easy to pick and choose too many with many motherboard models.

So to make things easier, let’s compare the two best motherboard brands known for their quality and performance.


Micro-Star International Co. is a Taiwanese company. Ltd. servicing the global market for a long time.

You can buy MSI motherboards easily for the best value but still packed with powerful capabilities and excellent quality.


ASUS has established itself as a motherboard manufacturer of excellent performing products with strong VRM modules at viable prices.

Driven by extensive innovation, ASUS is a motherboard manufacturer for a wide spectrum of users with daily PC hardware utilized.

Performance Check

The performance level of motherboards is usually defined by stability during overclocking.

MSI Motherboards

MSI GS65 Stealth

The MSI brand aims to improve the gaming experience by customizing its motherboards for gaming.

Core Boost enables quick and uninterrupted current delivery to the CPU with pinpoint accuracy and up-to-date cooling solutions.

They help maintain your computer’s optimal temperature to improve your PC performance.

It also has Mystic Light RGB, which controls the lighting and graphics connected to your computer.


The ability of MSI motherboards to run high spec games on maximum settings.

Extremely high-quality graphics enable users to see finer details normally unnoticed on low-end motherboards.

Due to its cooling system, a peak gaming experience is possible, and MSI motherboards can run heavy-duty games for longer periods.

MSI also offers cutting-edge Nahimic audio, a 360-degree audio quality that other boards just can’t beat.


On the flip side, the prices of MSI motherboards will always be a disadvantage because they’re packed with the latest parts and technology.

It’s also lackluster in terms of the aesthetic and overall design, making it plain compared to its competitors.

ASUS Motherboards

MSI GS65 Stealth

ASUS is one of the industry’s first motherboard makers, with cutting-edge research and development team.

ASUS motherboards are designed for efficient clock speed, ensuring a faster and more dynamic CPU access when running apps with heavy workloads to cut bottleneck.

ASUS also has clever fan and air-cooling systems and PCle slots to secure the motherboard’s important components.


All ASUS motherboards contain a powerful defense mechanism that can withstand heat and shearing.

For instance, the cooling system emits an optimal amount of heat. Safe slots allow better PCle slot retention and resilience to damage.

Apart from its powerful engineering, one of the popular perks of ASUS motherboards is their AI technology.

It has an excellent way of integrating itself with the overclocking mechanism, promoting a maximized and safe user experience.


The problem with ASUS motherboards is how ASUS delivers updates with their motherboards and performance systems.

This means that you have to upgrade every so often, which costs you a lot of money. The worst part is that some parts may be obsolete.

The setup and installation of ASUS boards are often difficult for beginners.

Performance Winner: ASUS

ASUS stands out from other brands because they guarantee impressive stability despite overclocking.

Customer Support

In this article section, I will be talking about the customer support of both brands! Let’s see which one of the two is better than the other.


MSI’s customer service is also a downer because they are hard to reach customers who need assistance right away.

Another prevalent complaint is that tech support couldn’t even attend to the problem.

This might be truly stressful for someone who has invested a lot in a high-end motherboard brand.


ASUS certainly has great and proactive online tech support, although the phone support still needs improvement.

The great thing about them is that they also have a lot of onsite service centers where you can forward any technical concerns.

You may also come to them for any upgrades for your motherboard.

In the customer support category, ASUS wins this round.

Operating System: ASUS vs. MSI Motherboard

ASUS is compatible with Windows 10 by ensuring fine control and accessibility.

MSI has Windows 10 support that provides users with a friendly setup system.

For this one, the MSI motherboard wins due to its beginner-friendly operating system setup. They also provide decent granular software solutions and also, important software solutions.

Warranty: ASUS vs. MSI motherboard

ASUS offers up to 3 years of warranty service, a good bargain for a brand that needs constant service.

The warranty of an MSI motherboard only has 1 year, so if anything happens beyond that period, you have to pay for everything.

Therefore, the ASUS motherboard certainly wins in the warranty battle between ASUS vs. MSI motherboards.

Color Combination Features

ASUS motherboard provides a great color combination that you can adjust accordingly.

MSI has a customizable option paired with stellar color tuning visual.

In this category, the MSI brand has a chance.

Upgradeability: MSI vs. ASUS

Out of the two motherboard models, your ASUS motherboard is upgradeable, especially if you own a ROG Strix Lineup.

MSI RAM and hard drive can be upgraded, but there should be cautious, especially with the BIOS system.

If the system works fine, a BIOS update may be unnecessary.

ASUS is superior for this one. It’s certainly the best brand for expanding RAM, graphic cards, faster USB speed and storage capacity.

MSI vs. ASUS Winner

MSI GS65 Stealth

ASUS motherboards comparison is no longer needed between the two brands for efficient yet powerful computer hardware.

The ASUS motherboard surely packs a lot of features that gamers and casual PC users might enjoy and easily get on with.

The ASUS brand has also been trusted in the motherboard business for many years.

The best part is their warranty service that lasts for 3 years, so you can bring your PC case and let them do their magic anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check out these FAQs regarding the PC motherboard category below:

MSI vs. ASUS: Can They Handle Other OS?

Most operating systems outside of Windows might have compatibility issues with both brands, so it’s better to stick to Windows.

You may check other board brands that can handle other OS because an MSI board or an ASUS might not be capable enough.

Can MSI and Asus Be Upgraded to Windows 11?

Both brands have declared that they can support the new Windows 11 update, so no worries.

The performance of the two PC motherboards remains top-notch.

Which Motherboard Brands Are Good With Intel?

ASUS most likely uses intel processors since MSI’s known for using AMD Ryzen as their main processor.

With intel on ASUS motherboards, MSI doesn’t have a lot of units with intel on them.


Despite shortcomings, the best motherboard brand will always deliver overall performance, plus upgrade and expansion capacity.

Top-tier motherboards are key to smooth gaming, with functional operating systems and a motherboard safety warranty.

The main difference between Asus and MSI is their user accessibility and hardware aesthetic. Their capacity expansion is pretty much the same.

Out of the two high-performing motherboards, ASUS wins and takes the cake. Plain and simple.

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