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page title icon What is the Amazon Dash Button and How Does it Work?

| Updated on January 4, 2022

The Amazon Dash Button was discontinued on March 1, 2019 and is no longer functional. Amazon stated that this device in no longer necessary due to product subscriptions and automatic reordering.

What is the Amazon Dash Button?

The Amazon Dash Button is a button designed by Amazon that allows you to order products at the push of a button. Each button is unique to a specific brand.

Amazon’s Dash Button is technically free. The order button is extremely cheap to buy but you then get double the credit after your first press. You also need an active Amazon Prime membership to use the Dash.

Check out the amazon dash button by clicking here.

Why use an Amazon Dash Button?

People spend hours a month shopping and often have to get in the car and drive down to the shops just to pick up that one thing they’ve forgotten whilst doing the shopping last week.

How convenient would it be to simply press a button and have that item delivered within 2 days with no more late night car trips? That’s where the Amazon Dash Button comes in.

In a world of work, college, social media, and children it’s easy to get distracted. How many times have you said “oh I should add that to my shopping list”, only to forget because you got distracted?

With the Dash Button, there is no chance of getting distracted. All you need to do is simply hit the button and the order is automatically processed. Easy.

Amazon Dash Button Review - How it Works

How much is the Amazon Dash Button?

The Amazon Dash Button is extremely cheap for a single credit and also then comes with another 1 credit worth after your first press, making the button an extremely good deal.

To use the Dash you will need an active Amazon Prime account that is used to order the products.

Amazon Dash Button Features

The Amazon Dash has order protection meaning you won’t be able to place a new order until the first one has been delivered, regardless of how many times the order button is pressed.

Order protection is especially important if you have younger children who love to touch whatever they can get their hands on. Additionally, you will also receive an order notification for every order placed, allowing you to cancel it before it ships.

The Dash Button is set up and managed through the Amazon App on Android or iOS smartphone, and works in any location with a Wi-Fi connection.

Through the Amazon App you can configure size and quantities of your favorite items. The button then remembers what you’ve selected and will order the size and quantity you’ve chosen when you press the button.

Amazon Dash Components

There is three components to the Amazon Dash;

  • The Amazon Dash scanning device, which allows you to scan barcodes of items around the house using your smartphone to order items.
  • The Amazon Dash Button which can be placed around the house and used to order your favorite consumer goods.
  • The Amazon Dash Replenishment Service which allows manufacturers to add a physical button or auto-detection capabilities to devices which automatically orders supplies when they get low.

The Amazon Dash Button comes with a reusable adhesive and a removable hook to hang, stick or place the button right where you need it.

Do I need to have Amazon Prime to use the Dash Button?

Yes you do.

As the Dash Button connects to your Prime account for shipping information, payment details etc. you need to have a Prime account to use the Dash Button.

Top 11 Best Amazon Dash Button Products

There is now 100+ Dash Buttons to choose from and it would take up far too much room to list them all. So instead of listing 100, we’ve selected our top 11 favorites to show you!

1. Clif Bar Dash Button

It’s always a good idea to have some Clif Bars on hand to cure a case of mondayitis. Never be caught without your favorite nutritious, organic energy bars again with the Clif Bar Dash Button.

2. Huggies Dash Button

Running out of diapers and baby wipes can lead to some awkward, messy moments. Never be caught with your pants down with the Huggies Dash Button.

3. Illy Coffee Dash Button

Whether you’re after ground coffee or Nespresso pods, the Illy Coffee Dash Button has you covered. Don’t leave home without your morning brew again.

4. Trojan Dash Button

There’s plenty of awkward aspects about buying condoms. The eye contact with the cashier, the judgmental stares from the elderly citizens doing their weekly shop, the decision of which type to get.

Thankfully you’ll never have to publicly buy condoms again with the Trojan Condom Dash Button.

5. Cottonelle Dash Button

You don’t want to run out of toilet paper, you just don’t. Whether you have to yell at someone to get more for you or you pull off the pants-around-leg waddle, it’s not fun. Ensure you always have a plentiful supply with the Cottonelle Dash Button.

6. Gillette Dash Button

The Gillette Dash Button is perfect for your every day shaving needs. Whether you’re after razors or shaving cream, Gillette is a good option.

7. Tide Pods and Powder Dash Button

The Tide Pods Dash Button gives you the option of Pods or Powder laundry detergent. Join thousands of others who use Tide and never run out again.

8. Finish Dishwasher Detergent Dash Button

You don’t want to be eating off dirty plates do you? Even if you’re single and living out of home there is no excuse! The Finish Dishwasher Detergent Dash Button takes the effort out of the equation and ensures you won’t run out.

9. Glad Dash Button

Trash bags and freezer bags, no matter what you’re after, Glad is your guy. Use the Glad Dash Button whenever you’re getting low on supplies.

10. Purina Beyond Dash Button

Make sure your pets are kept well fed with the Purina Pet Food Dash Button. Purina stocks all sorts of wet and dry pet food so every pet is covered, no matter how fussy they are.

11. AWS IoT Button – Limited Release Programmable Dash Button

I felt like the Amazon AWS IoT Dash Button deserved an honorable mention, despite being slightly different to the other Dash Buttons.

The AWS IoT button is not your standard Dash Button, but is rather a developer kit that can be programmed to control internet-connected devices and services.
In the next Dash Hacks section, we talk about some of the epic things people have done with their IoT Dash Buttons.

Top 10 Best Amazon Dash Button Hacks

Some users have gone above and beyond to reprogram and teardown their dash buttons to come up with some clever, interesting and wacky hacks.

1. Order Pizza

You’ve got a bunch of mates coming around on sunday to watch the NFL, you’ve got the beers but who’s bringing the food?

Thankfully there is a solution. Brody Berson has developed a hack for the Dash Button that allows you to order pizza with the push of a button!

Find out how to setup this hack here.

2. Brew Coffee

How good would it be to wake up in the morning, roll over and hit the Dash Button next to your bed. By the time you get downstairs, you’ve got a hot mug of coffee waiting for you.

Find out how to setup this hack here.

3. Call an Uber

Pfft, using your phone is overrated. Why go through all the hassle of unlocking your phone, finding the Uber app and then ordering one when you can do it at the push of a button?

Find out how to do this here.

4. Order whatever product you like from Amazon

Why be locked into ordering specific brands? With the Custom Dash Ordering Button hack you can set your dash button to order whatever product you want.

Find out more about the custom ordering hack here.

5. Track Music Practice and other time-based events

Track your music practice with this hack by Braeden Young. This hack can also be used to track other time-based events such as freelance work hours or study time.

Find out more about the music practice hack here.

6. Send an SMS at the push of a button

This one has endless possibilities. This hack could be especially useful for elderly users who could use the Dash Button as an emergency alarm that automatically sends a text in the event of an emergency.

You can find the SMS hack here.

7. Control your Tesla’s air conditioning

Regardless of if you have a Tesla or not, this is freaking cool. Using the Dash Button, you can control the temperature of your Tesla’s air conditioning with the push of a button.

Find the Tesla hack here.

8. Measure gratitude

This hack makes it easy to track gratitude in workers and patients in hospitals. It can also be used in hospitals to measure pain levels in patients.

Find the gratitude hack here.

9. Control Philips Hue Lights

With this hack, you can turn your lights on and off without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Find the light control hack here.

10. Control your garage door

This hack lets you get rid of your garage door opener for good. Using the Dash Button you can open your garage door with the push of a button.

Find the garage door here.

Amazon Dash Button Review - 5-Step Guide to Amazon Dash Buttons Infographic

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5 Steps to Getting an Amazon Dash Button

Ordering an Amazon Dash Button is easy.

1. Get an Amazon Prime Membership

Firstly, you are going to need an Amazon Prime Membership. You can’t use the Dash Button’s without one, so it’s a critical first step.

Amazon Prime provides you with a bunch of benefits:

  • Free, guaranteed, two-day shipping and same-day to certain metro areas
  • Access to over 800,000 eBooks
  • Free unlimited photo storage
  • Unlimited music streaming of over one million songs
  • Access to thousands of movies and TV shows
  • 30-minutes early access to selected Amazon Lightning Deals

If you’re a college student, you get a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial too.

2. Decide which Dash Buttons you need

Have a browse of the 100+ Dash Buttons available on Amazon. With so many to choose from, you will definitely find one that is useful for you.

Sit down and work out what your most commonly used household products are. If you’re constantly running out of a product or having to do additional trips to the shops to buy them then that’s a good one to get.

3. Purchase your Dash Buttons

Head on over to Amazon and purchase your buttons. Wait two days for your buttons to arrive (because you now have Amazon Prime!).

4. Setup your Dash Buttons

To install your Dash Buttons you are going to need your buttons, a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone.

Follow the instructions below if you’re unsure.

5. Install and use your Dash Buttons

Using the adhesive strip or the hook included with the Dash Buttons, put them wherever you desire.

Press the Dash Button to order your household products!

Amazon Dash Button F.A.Q

Here is a list of Dash Button frequently asked questions, if you have any to add please leave a comment and ask us!

How do I setup my Amazon Dash Button?

The first step is to turn on Wi-Fi on your phone and ensure you’re connected to the network that you will be using your Dash Button on.

Second is to download the Amazon app on your smartphone, sign into your account and then navigate to Your Account. Navigate to Dash Devices and click Set up as a new device.

Thirdly, start your setup and connect your Dash Button to your Wi-Fi.

The fourth step is to choose which product you’d like to reorder with your Dash Button and confirm your shipping and payment information.

Finally, hang up or stick your Dash Buttons around the house and you’re good to go!

Amazon Dash Button Review - Smart

Does my Amazon Dash Button have to be in the same room as my appliance?

No, it doesn’t.

Because the Dash Button uses Wi-Fi, the button can be anywhere in the house and as long as it’s within Wi-Fi range it’ll still work.

What items can I buy using my Dash Button?

Each Dash Button has different items that you can buy. You can set up what you want your button to order through the Amazon App.

On the amazon product page for every Dash Button is a link that tells you exactly what you can get with each button.

Can I configure my Dash Button to do whatever I want it to?

Yes, if you buy the Amazon AWS IoT Programmable Dash Button. The IoT dash button is designed to be hacked by developers and one possible hack is changing what products you can order.

Is the Amazon Dash Button kid-proof?

Yes, once you place an order the Dash Button won’t allow you to order any more until the first shipment arrives. That means that whether you press the button once or 20 times, you’ll only get one delivery.

Additionally, you will get a confirmation email before the item is shipped, which gives you time to cancel your order.

Do I have to put a battery into the Amazon Dash Button to use it?

No, the Amazon Dash Button already comes with a battery in it. The button itself is speculated to last around 1000 presses.

Can I use the Amazon Dash Button without a Wi-Fi connection?

No, currently the Dash Button only works when connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

Can I buy the Amazon Dash Button as a gift, or is it connected to my account?

Yes, you can buy the Dash Button as a gift. The button is only linked to your account once it is set up by the recipient.

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